Monday, October 25, 2010

34 Years Old + 48 Days

Scary Ghost

So Friday.. the school that Sophie goes to did this thing that the kids from her class walked a bit to school. Now while the distance that they had to walk was miniscule(? spelling) the point was made that it is in fact possible to walk to school more often. Also today was their fancy dress day, so the amount that they walked was done so in a costume... it was all very scary!!!!

3 and 9... what does it all mean?
In other cool stuff about today, I parked my car, and just as i was getting out I noticed the mileometer, or whatever its called, like the thing that measures how far I have driven. You can reset the bottom mile but not the top, and look how they randomly alligned! 39193 and the bottom 393... wow.. and they were both palindromes to top of the wonder of it all.
So today was a good day in a way. I told the people that should be told that the cafe is closing down at the end of October. Thats that. The end of a strange, brilliant, and stressfull 3 years.... actually, all the 3's are now beginning to make since to me...

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