Friday, July 6, 2012

Atlas - We are all just floating in space...

Did you ever stop to think for a second about our situation... we are on a rock - floating through space. Sure the rock is big, we find it quite big indeed. But ultimately we are just bags of mostly water on a rock orbiting a nuclear explosion... and us, the exploding sun and a few other planets are just flying through space. We do not know where we are going... we do not know where we came from... unless you agree with the scientific belief that we know where the centre of the universe is using Dopler shift to pinpoint back to where we are flying from. I agree with that belief... or rather, I believe in it.

But ultimately our planet is like a lost child wandering aimlessly forever through freezing cold space.... I like this video because it remind me that we have a choice. We can sit in our offices, working for the man, again pointlessly, aimlessly... or you can party hard - work too of course, but also enjoy life.  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Higgs Boson

Is there any better news in the world than that news of the Higgs Boson yesterday. If you do not know what the Higgs Boson is then you will not learn about it here from me, what with the fact that I am not a nuclear physicist.. also if you do not know about it, then really you do not need to know, if you were interested then you would already know about it by now.
This picture explains how the Higgs Boson helps in propelling galaxies around the universe...  somehow...

But to me, as a pantheist, this is the greatest news I could hear. It further confirms the "standard model" in physics. The standard model is basically a mathematical understanding of the universe. Finding the Higgs Boson help to validate that the standard model is basically correct.

Again, as a pantheist, a validated standard model is an approved mathematical equation of my understanding of god. That is why I love science, that is why I love the "discovery" and that is why I love my god.

Can you explain your God in mathematical theory? Do you want to?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Common Password List..

You know if someone wants to break into your account they can use a program that can guess your username and password. If they already know your username that is half the battle. For example, nearly every company will have an email address with Now it is just a matter of guessing the password. Programs can look to a password list.. try as the username and try a password... if someone want to break into your account... the definitely will. Make no mistake about that one. 

But my point... here is what a list of common passwords. It would be interesting to see if you have a password that you use regularly is on this list!

The Reality Of The News

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