Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Pianist by Roman Polanski

You know the film "The Pianist" ( by Roman Polanski. Well as stupid as this may sound, I realised 'wow, this is so bad what happened'. Lately I have been looking at alot of World War II footage on Discovery channel and I have actually learnt alot about the war.

Now nearly everybody that reads this will know about the Holocaust. But I think it is different to feel for the Holocaust. I was looking at the film, at the absolutely beautifully shot streets, the clothing of the people, the mood that was created in the film... it was just enough for a moment to bring a tear to my eyes. Again, everybody knows what happened (right?), but knowing what happened and feeling what happened are different. Now that I under stand better what happened I am beginning to think about the nearly same thing that is happening in other wars around the world. Have we actually changed as people in 1940s world war?

Personally I think that people are evolving, for the better. It is just that the evolution is happening so slow...

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