Thursday, May 19, 2011

34 Years Old + 254 Days


Karate again today. This was our last class before the grading on Saturday. I am nervous becuase there are still so many little things that I am still botching up. But by 11:30am on Saturday it will all be over.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

34 Years Old + 253 Days


Her Majesty the Queen Elizibeth II came to Ireland today. I don't know if she ever stepped foot on offically Irish soil before. What I find, did find in the past, and will find in the future, annoying is people that give out about the Queen. If I came across someone who hated a country and because of the hatred to that country never bought their produce, never supported them in any way, didn't sing their songs, but still knew their history, I would respect their opinion to hate them. I would not hate them myself becuase of their opinion, I make up my own mind (and I believe that hating anything or anyone makes no sense).

So you have the "Anglo-Irish" situation. The Queen visited to bridge relations between the two countries. Definately there have been bad days in our history. But at this state in the relationship it tiresome to hear people protesting about the whole thing. And I know that Irish people still have strong emotions about the death of family members caused by the English government, but are you going to hold onto this forever? Are you ever going to say, "we still await an appology - but we will welcome the Queen". If not why not? Well what are you doing sitting on your ass then? Go an do something about your missing apology - do it and get over it.

I might sound ignorant here but I do not care. I have children and the moment they do not know hate. But they will learn of it eventually. And myself and Linda will teach them that hate is not good and it only hurts those who harbour it. Please, if and when they do learn it, let it not be from my own country people. Is that your aim? To hate the English monarchy so much that you will chew up and blacken the souls of the young so that they too will not live, but exist in that erie twilight of ignorance and fear that hate breeds? Thats worse than anything Queen Elizzibeth ever did to me....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

34 Years Old + 252 Days


Power is a funny thing, it is a double edged sword really. To get to be really powerful you have to, usually, behave in a manner that exerts your "power". Someone who is in charge of a large company didn't get there by just being nice, I believe that getting to the top of the ladder involves opening alot of doors for yourself... not waiting for other people to open them for you. Of course in the same manner, alot of door are closed behind you too, and sometimes this makes enemies.

Look at the now famous case of DSK, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Leader, managing director of the IMF (International Monetery Fund). The guy had money, lots of money by the way. He had fame. He had security, or at least that is what is seemed like. He was well respected and liked, and possibly would have been the next president of that most fantastic nation of breads and snails, France. He had power. So did he or did he not imprision a chamber maid in his room for a while? He he sexually abuse her in some way? I certainly do not know, nor do many people at this point. But as Aristotle said, there is no use in having a skill potentially. You only have the skill if you use it actually. Maybe in a moment of madness SDK put his power into practice.

I agree in using your power if you have it. But like a gun that too is powerful, do not shoot your self in the foot. Use the power to control people for good. Aim the gun at the pleb masses not at the innocent chamber maid. But look at me rambling on again, who said she was innocent for example. I was just thinking what an interesting thing power is. How would I manage it if I had it?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

34 Years Old + 251 Days


We were at a dedication today. What is a dedication you ask. Well the parents of the child, baby, that was being dedicated have their beliefs, like all of us. They are not however "stamping" one religion on the child. When the kid grows old he can then choose the path that he wishes to walk himself. What the parents will do is enable him best they can to find the true path.

I like it, it is probably one of the most civilized approches to religion I have ever heard of, and today, have seen in person.

Large on the interest radar today was the news that Builin Blasta has opened up today. This was of course previously that I used to own. It was strange to tell the truth. I set up the business, it failed. Now someone else is taking over. Thats kinda what it feels like. But I wish him well, I am really happy Bobby is in there and I am delighted to have a cafe in Carraroe again for the people to go to.

34 Years Old + 250 Days


It was First Communion day in Carraroe today. My nephew was there, Carribre - he was brilliant. He did some reading in the beginning of the mass. There was some food in the hall of the school afterwards, which was nice becasue it kinda takes the need for people to have to go out for big dinners out of the equation. I think alot of people just went home and had a nice meal with the family there. We went down to Malis and had a lovely day there.

Later on in the night I went down to Mart and played some xbox with 2 friends and Mart. That was cool cause we played Halo Reach and we only just this night played the Race mode on it, I have to say that the race mode is fantasic. We had even raced some of the same race maps before when we were playing slayer, the kid of free for all mode.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

34 Years Old + 249 Days


Yeah.. the end of the week! i love weekends, they rock. Not that I have anything agains't you sweet Monday to Thursday, but the weekend means so much when that is, chill the beans. Today we went up to Marts and played us some Settlers Of Catan (google that) and we saw one of the funniest films ever, "Dale and Tucker vs Evil) google it!

It was a good night.

34 Years Old + 248 Days


Every Thursday for the last few months, more or less every Thursday that is, we have been meeting up in Galway city in a place called the Hacker Labs in unused commercial unit beside the Revenue office across from the Radisson. The place was called 091 labs. We met up there for out board games club. Now lately it was just getting into swing, last Thursday, we had 18 people. That actually is pretty good. Thats 3 whole 6 player board games. This Thursday we had a good showing as well but we were met with some sad news, they Hacker lab is moving, they are currently looking for a new place to set up in town.

In case you are wondering what all the talk is that I am doing about the Labs, check out their website:

34 Years Old + 247 Days


Karate again, the realisation that karate grading is in two weekends time was hitting home. We practiced katas, basic moves. And practiced, and practiced.

34 Years Old + 246 Days


Visited a friend in town, Barry. We talked about some guitar playing. we both used to play guitar tiny bits when we were younger, not that much younger, we lived in town in the same apartment. It was a cool apartment looking over the docks. I had begun learning the names of the boats, and to learn the tides, as the window of my bedroom was overlooking the docks itself. It was cool.

34 Years Old + 245 Days


I have karate lessons in the hall in Carraroe every Monday and every Wednesday until the end of the season before summer students take over Carraroe. Normally it is just Monday, but we were getting a few extra classes in before it ends. But the funny thing is, I am going on a pre marrage course in three weekends time. Now I was mean to have done it by now but we had karate grading at the same time! So the pre marrage took the back seat. Now, we have karate grading again a week saturday. When the instructor told me I was thinking "oh crap... I can't possibly put off the karate again.... I am going to miss grading :( ". Of course then I realised that the karate grading was on the weekend BEFORE. Linda isn't at all anrgy, but I think she woudl have deserved to give me a black belt quality beating if I renaged on my marrage course again. Luckily she not that, just for the record.

34 Years Old + 244 Days


We had a coool day today with the kids, we went into Galway with the kids and we saw Winne The Poo film. The kids loved it and I love it because A) the film was really cheap and B) the film was FREE for adults and only €2.50 each for kids. You can't beat that value.

The we came out to Carraroe and had a fine free dinner at dads place. I say free but that does not mean that we usually have to pay for it... it just means maybe, the best things in life are free?

34 Years Old + 243 Days


Played settlers....

34 Years Old + 242 Days


We hosted a dinner at our house for some friends, it was cool. We had lovely food and desest the night was spent singing. The kids ended up going to sleep at an increadibly late 11:30pm! It was an excellent night though...

34 Years Old + 241 Days


Good board games club in the Labs today in galway city... There were 18 people...

34 Years Old + 240 Days


Karate! I loved it! It was a nice class....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

34 Years Old + 239 Days


My first day back in town again, doing what I do. Making websites. Thing is I am so busy during the week that my blog takes the hit.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

34 Years Old + 238 Days


Osama Bin Laden Dead!

That is one scumbag I am happy to hear about being dead. I was in Boston on September 10th 2001 Bin Laden. I watch the telly and I was listening to the radio as your little idiots crashed their second plane into the Twin Tower. You lived in fear all your life and you ruined peoples lives. I am impressed with the Americans that shot you dead that they treated you so well. What I know about Muslim makes me understand that it is not a tool that should be used to make people hate. In my belief system there is no one god external to the universe, and I do not think that there is any good or bad. Therefore I think that bin Laden was neither good nor bad. I simply think he was just a rich man that abused people. He was a sick idiot. Well now he's dead. To talk more about him is to almost pay him hommage in some way.

Freedom 1 : Fear 0

34 Years Old + 237 Days


Cleaned the house and went to loughlow Farm. We all had a fantastic time but Sophie spraned her ankle.

34 Years Old + 236 Days


34 Years Old + 235 Days


Today was the Royal Wedding Day of William and Kate. I have no idea what they are the Prince and Princess of, but for the record I think that it is really cool that England is carrying on this tradition of Royal weddings, anyone thought that really knows me knows that I really believe that the monarchy is not run properly in England. Are some a nazi scum wannabe? Happy slapped someone and robbed their mobile phone? Rapist feeling a bit horny? Chop off the offending appendage in each case. What is the government for? Try to make sure the badness does not happen in the first place, but if it does, do something about it. William, grow a pair of balls. Don't let spitting image make a mockery of you. Respect is earned in alot of ways, but none as sure as fear. When I hear someone in Carraroe complain about the queens visit later on May this year I first roll my eyes to the heavens on hearing it, and I hang my head in shame in thinking of the lack of respect people have for the Queen in England.

Interesting, I got a comment on this post before the post was even finished! :) Yes, I watched it kinda in the background. I looked at it in a "oh, what this could be" kind of way...

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