Tuesday, May 17, 2011

34 Years Old + 252 Days


Power is a funny thing, it is a double edged sword really. To get to be really powerful you have to, usually, behave in a manner that exerts your "power". Someone who is in charge of a large company didn't get there by just being nice, I believe that getting to the top of the ladder involves opening alot of doors for yourself... not waiting for other people to open them for you. Of course in the same manner, alot of door are closed behind you too, and sometimes this makes enemies.

Look at the now famous case of DSK, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Leader, managing director of the IMF (International Monetery Fund). The guy had money, lots of money by the way. He had fame. He had security, or at least that is what is seemed like. He was well respected and liked, and possibly would have been the next president of that most fantastic nation of breads and snails, France. He had power. So did he or did he not imprision a chamber maid in his room for a while? He he sexually abuse her in some way? I certainly do not know, nor do many people at this point. But as Aristotle said, there is no use in having a skill potentially. You only have the skill if you use it actually. Maybe in a moment of madness SDK put his power into practice.

I agree in using your power if you have it. But like a gun that too is powerful, do not shoot your self in the foot. Use the power to control people for good. Aim the gun at the pleb masses not at the innocent chamber maid. But look at me rambling on again, who said she was innocent for example. I was just thinking what an interesting thing power is. How would I manage it if I had it?

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  1. Interesting question "How would I manage it if I had it?" considering you also said "Aim the gun at the pleb masses" LOL


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