Sunday, May 12, 2013

Developer Diary # 1

I find the thought of calling myself a developer kinda funny as I have not yet actually published or made any programs yet that people use. I do plan on changing that however. I have begun going over an old game that I was making once for browsers called "Alpha 07". It is a PHP game. Of course when I look back at it now it was crazy the amount of things that I was doing incorrectly in it.

And so, now I have begun the game again... this time I am using what I have learnt in college and I am implementing classes and writing tester classes. Interestingly when I wrote a tester class to test the class that I had written for me spaceship I realised that I had written so many things in a really bad way and it was really confusing.

That was only my first class! I am now going to write a person and world class next but already I have learnt things from my little amount of experience from writing the first tester class.

Oh well, back to work.

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