Friday, February 14, 2014

160 - Karate

Got home in time to be late only a few moments for karate. Not to bad considering I was working late.

159 - Brick

Ever hear of the film Brick.

Here is the link to :

Of course this is not a film review, and the International Laws of Spoiler Alerts prevents me from giving away the story. But I am left wondering after it. Not as to "wow what happened" but rather "wow I do not know what kind of mark I would give the film because of what happened".

Don't get me wrong, it is not that all this life altering stuff happened in the film and I do not know how to address it in my soul. No, it is more that the film was not what I expected I guess. What did I think of it? I really don't know.

Brick - 6.5/10

158 - Work!

Ahhh working so much today for so long in the office that I missed my karate class! Ahhh!

157 - Easy like a Sunday

Yep... did nothing today except chilling with the family. So in that way, I did loads didn't I. Show a video of my sister boxing yesterday to Dad and I think he was proud. Well he was of course, but you just never know how proud I think?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

156 - White Collar Boxing

Mali and Dianne... about to challenge someone to fistycuffs

I was in the audience of a night of boxing this evening. It was cool. We were with the kids and some friends supporting my sister who was White Collar Boxing - which suggests ladies and gentlemen boxing. Not that non white collar boxing is any less lady-like or gentleman-like.

Ahh classic Red vs Blue.

Ann in the red and Mali in the blue..

Two lads fighting it out...

So anyway, the night was cool. It was good fun. The large hall that we were in was fairly packed and full of all ages of well behaved women and men. The whole night was good fun, I loved it, kids loved it, everyone loved.

And finally... the hot chick :)

I want to say one last thing about the photographer that STOOD ON THE STAGE for the last nine fights and who GOT IN THE WAY ALL THE TIME. If you know him... tell him to stop ruining events on people and making both kids and adults alike unhappy... I came to the fight to see boxing and the hot chick... not your ass... seriously.

Monday, February 10, 2014

155 - Food = No Sugar!

Tasty... too tasty...
In the last week I have made a conscious decision to cut back on sugary foods. When I started in last week I was 15 stone 13 pounds and a bit. A week later (today) I am 15 stone 7.8 pounds. So thats like around 5 pounds. What did I do... stop eating crap. I swear. Rubbish food is all around us. There is sugar in the most unexpected places in terms of food. I do karate twice a week but apart from that no other exercise. I make sure to not eat tons of food for dinners and I drink alot more water. This is again a kind of experiment but basically I like the way this experiment is going. I feel alot better after only a few day. It is almost like I am addicted to sugar and I am coming down having been high on it for so long.

I have looked at the foods I eat, there is a nutrision guide on everything we eat. It tells you in fairly plain english how much sugar is in the food. If there is not a guide it is probably okay to eat. That is my rule of thumb.

154 - Sleep

No my bed looks nothing like this.
So since Monday... no Sunday night, I have been going to sleep early. Now, I mean early. 11pm early. That is very very early for me. It has been an experiment to see if it would make any difference to my health and well being. In general yes, it does make a positive difference. I no longer want to fall asleep on the journey out from Galway to Carraroe. Strangely I feel as if I can breath deeper! I don't really understand that one. In one way I am more alert. But it has had a strange effect on my day. Get up in the morning, go to work. Leave work. Do a tiny but of something at home and boom... bedtime. Kinda sucks really. So while I am having a better time whilst I am unconsciously sleeping, awake my day always feels like the guillotine is falling on it.

Thank god then for Parks And Recreation that we watch one or two of every night before heading to bed.

153 - Teaching Pressure

It is funny... today I was a bit early for karate and having been instructed by our instructor to lead the class into a warm up I did so. On Monday another member of the club did so. This was we do not spend too much time warming up when the instructors come in. But I tell you, it is not as easy as it looks to think of different stretches and moves when you are on the spot. Now, with that said it was my first time doing it, but I liked it alot.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

152 - 2 cool things...

First cool thing... I just found out about this today.. maybe you already know about it...

Cave of the Crystals in Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico
Seriously... look at the size of these crystals! We're talking Supermans retreat here. Damn...

Another cool enough thing is this little video made in 1977 about the universe...

152 - Philip Seymour Hoffman dead

What a waste of a perfectly good white boy. Philip Seymour Hoffman dead at the age of 46. Police who searched his home found 50 bags of heroin and he was found dead with a needle still in his hand. Honestly a huge waste of talent.

No offence Hoffmans ghost, but I hope you do not cause a delay on The Hunger Games.
Apart from all that I had a good karate class again today. I am on a diet now too cutting out as much sugar as I can. That is going well too!

151 - Fantastic Lego!

Lucy got this for her birthday. It is a boat. Most of us have played with Lego at some point but I gotta tell you this Lego is amazing. It gives a nice solid final finished product and it took ages to build. This is from the Lego Friends Series so it looks more - girly? Now that is nothing agains't boys or girls but there are alot more colorful pieces in it. The people have changed too and now look more like little generic toys rather than strictly like Lego people.

I know one thing for sure... The Lego Movie! We are going to be all over that! 

150 -Lucys Birthday!

Well really her birthday party! Loads of her friends came over and family was here. It was a madness but great madness. I did take pictures but not on my phone camera so I cannot show you any pictures straight away.

Here is a little art work Lucy did a few weeks ago. 
Lucy will be 5 on the 5th of February :)

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