Monday, February 10, 2014

155 - Food = No Sugar!

Tasty... too tasty...
In the last week I have made a conscious decision to cut back on sugary foods. When I started in last week I was 15 stone 13 pounds and a bit. A week later (today) I am 15 stone 7.8 pounds. So thats like around 5 pounds. What did I do... stop eating crap. I swear. Rubbish food is all around us. There is sugar in the most unexpected places in terms of food. I do karate twice a week but apart from that no other exercise. I make sure to not eat tons of food for dinners and I drink alot more water. This is again a kind of experiment but basically I like the way this experiment is going. I feel alot better after only a few day. It is almost like I am addicted to sugar and I am coming down having been high on it for so long.

I have looked at the foods I eat, there is a nutrision guide on everything we eat. It tells you in fairly plain english how much sugar is in the food. If there is not a guide it is probably okay to eat. That is my rule of thumb.

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