Friday, December 31, 2010

34 Years Old + 117 Days

We have arrived back in Carraroe today. We left Castlebar in good time after having tea in Rua, a little cafe on Spencer Street in Castlebar. I liked the cafe a few moment after we ordered our food because they were really busy but still made sure that Lucy got her food straight away. So while we were still talking to Therese, whom we met there, Lucy was messing around with her food. The fact that she ate hardly any of it meant nothing. Also, it was really busy and the fact that the drinks were late too also, seriously meant nothing, because Lucy had gotten her food. Take note Classic India, that we visited yesterday in Sligo town where we were waiting around an hour and a half for our food, and that is including Lucy!

The rest of the day was cool, when we got home from Castlebar Mom had heated up the house for us and we headed out straight away, myself Linda and Sophie, to Nadias place to celebrate her 18th birthday. When we got home we saw the little monkey was up again and full of beans with mom. But all was well and we ended the night looking at Batman Begins... what an ending, in every way.

34 Years Old + 116 Days


 I will remember this day the day that we visited Paul and Clair and went to "the Indian". Basically we drive up to Sligo because Linda hadn't seen her brother for christmas and we were going to visit. It also happened that Alan Potter was in town too so we saw him too. But we all went to an Indian restaurant called Classic India and we were waiting for around an hour and a half for our food, so we complained and eventually the gave us a chunk off. Not going in there again in a hurry though. We got back to Castlebar late enough but it was nice to have been visiting.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

34 Years Old + 115 Days

Everything seems stiller today. There is no sound. Everywhere is quiet. Then the alarm on my rings through the room, almost echoing, but turning it off seems to emphasise the quietness even more. It is nice, and although I had , ironically, at this stage resolved not to make any resolutions I think it is a good promise to myself to try to be in the moment more. Enjoy the quietness when I have the quiet time and that will help me learn to enjoy the loud busy time more too maybe.

34 Years Old + 114 Days

Monday Bank Holiday... of course I did not realise that it was a bank holiday until around 9:30pm when I wanted to go and buy a pizza in some shop and realised that they were all closed since 6pm.

Today I left Castlebar and made my way down to Carraroe through the grit and the dirt but the dry or merely wet road, yes, the snow melted last night and it s fantastic. When I arrived in Carraroe I drove down to my house and looked out the window where the snowman was and all I could see were the remains to a once great person, Frosty The Snowman.

I headed down to Mom and Dad where we had a little birthday party for dad. I won't write his age.... I really do not know if would mind or not, so I will err on the side of caution.

The I went up to Marts place for games, where I met up with Rich, Seths people and Wallace. It was cool, we played this fantastic game called Apple To Apple. I am definately going to buy it, but I will look for it in town, pretty sure it not there, but I think I am going that way when I am going up to Castlebar tomorrow. But that was it, did some stuff to my Alpha07 game too when I came home, finally got the time aspect working in the game, as in, now I can tell how long many days people have been in the game.

Monday, December 27, 2010

34 Years Old + 113 Days

Nice, I have finally figured out how to do something in PHP that I have wanted to do for ages, I can seperate one date from another and find out how many days have gone by. This is good for me because in my php game that i am making for browsers I can now implement my banking system and penalise people for now paying back their money on time. I always knew that I could figure this out but that I needed to figure out exactly how to do it! It wasn't even hard to do, it was just go with what is given to me in the php rule book, very much a case of RTFM basically, I just needed the time, and so, here I am at 3:30am but I have finally done it.

Anyway, today it rained!!!! yeah! It was so good to see the poor snow melting, personified in so many green areas and fields as snowmen, we have grown to know, love and hate the snow. And now, that which we know all too well is obliterating it, the rain. But we are much better equiped to handle the rain. If this were a relationship it would definately be a case of, "it's not you snow... it's me.... you deserve someone better, it is time to move on :( ", but really we are happy to see the back of it.

And so, John Reilly is going home tomorrow. Sophie asked me today if christmas is over, I told her that it was not... but in a way when you think about it, it is. Christmas is the lead up to the 25th of December and when you have come to a close on christmas day boom, you hit a brick wall, and there it is all over for another year... sorry, did I say year, I meant to say 10 months, if we are lucky.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

34 Years Old + 112 Days

Christmas Day!!!!

Yippee... today was good for a few reasons! First was that Santy came, that was the best thing! He gave all of us gifts and the kids were happy!

Funny enough another thing that was great about today was that I did not have to drive anywhere, that actually is a big deal, there are not many days that I do not drive anywhere. Now with that said I did go to church but I was driven there.

The day was a typical christmas day bar the fact that I was up in castlebar, we had christmas dinner but I am happy to say I did not stuff myself! W00t. I usually do and then I feel crap afterwards. I did a traditional visit to a Reilly family member and then home for the rest of the day.

One cool thing was that we had a kris kindle to control the expense of christmas and when were opening the gifts we got from my family we had a video conference on skype so that we were all together. That was really nice, becasue although I am happy here I was feeling a pinch of missing the Carraroe gang, and with that said I tried to call Bree, but there was no answer, by the time I realised that there was probably somethign wrong with the phone I was calling from it was really too late to call her.

We finished off the night with looking a the latest Failte Go Texas (nice house) and then we had another game of scrabble where we had our behinds handed to us again by Linda. Good day was had....

34 Years Old + 111 Days


I was planning to go into Castlebar town center to do some shopping but I am happy in hindsight that I did not, I would have walked around the town for what! Nothing. So basically, we eventually went down to McDonalds for an ice-cream and met up with Malcolm who gave Sophie a few presents and then we went for a walk down to the lake where we took some photos of little frozen ice sculptures beside on a scream, of swans and of the grave yard that looked majestic in the sunset.

We had a game of scrable, that was class, myself John and Linda and she whopped our asses. Pretty impressive....

I went to sleep early enough too because I did not want to be awake when Santy came....

Friday, December 24, 2010

34 Years Old + 110 Days

Frosty The Snowman!!!!

Thursday... Went into town and did some last minute shopping. I have to say that when I go shopping under duress of needing to get something with a time limit on my head that I hate it!!!! Seriously it sucks. Dare I say... when I am shopping like that, I feel greedy. It is only this christmas that I am feeling this but I was shopping, or trying to, and everyone was like gimme gimme gimme, and I did not like it. Maybe I am feeling extra like this because of the brilliant film I saw last night called "Into The Wild". It was brilliant. If you have seen it you know exactly what I am talking about. If you have not seen it, then I would strongly advise that you see it.

Now, this morning, I had a break through in my little PHP game, I can finally put it up on the internet now, now that I have learnt how to use databases online. I only learnt that this morning, I had a good idea what to do and I did some reading up on it but nothing worked, eventually I just called Blacknight, my hosting and domain provider, and I asked them. They told me, I was like "duh, that's so obvious!" to myself, but it matters not, I have the know how at last.

Finally, the pic you see was taken on the 108th day I think it was, of a snowman that we built in the back yard. We named him Frosty! Happy Christmas Eve Ryan and Sarah and Rick and any other regular reader of this blog.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

34 Years Old + 109 Days

What a day it was, given to going from A to B! We set off from Carraroe at around 3pm and we were in Castlebar at around 6pm-ish. But it was a long journey! It took ages reallly because of the icey roads, and snow and other traffic. At one point I had to go out and check that we did not have a flat tyre there was so much noise coming from the car on the road. But we did get here and watched a brilliant film on tv and had a good night in!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

34 Years Old + 108 Days

Tuesday, a proper snow day! Sophie did not go to school because her teacher was snowed in. Then we built a snowman! A real genuine snowman, made of 3 parts and he was around 6 foot tall!

Linda and myself went for a walk into Carraroe and we took photos of the lake, the church and Carraroe in general. Mart and Marielle and Mom and Dad came up for a visit before we leave for Castlebar tomorrow and we all had tea and some christmas cake Mal did for us!

34 Years Old + 107 Days

Monday 20th of December.

We took Sophie to school even though it was really snowy. Then Linda took her out early and we picked up John from the Moon. We came home and that was it really. My really low point was we were out too late for me to go to karate :( That sucked alot.

I took loads of photos of the ceibh off the main road. It was reall cool, last night there was loads of ice seemingly and it was floating on top of the sea and when then the sea went out the ice was still left unmelted a layer of ice over the whole pier. It was nice so I took nice photos of it.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

34 Years Old + 106 Days

Linda went to a funeral this morning, the mother of a person she knew and walked to the church! It's the weather. So like crazy myself, Sophie and Lucy walked to Mom and Dads too.Sophie learnt alot about walking in snow I can tell you. But it was erey and strange walking. It was like the film "The Road" or "The Book Of Eli".... everywhere was so quiet and then if there was some noise, the noise filled up the whole surrounding area! If a car passed it seemed to creep up on you... everything is quiet, then you begin to hear a noise, its not coming from in front of us, we look behind and yes there it is, a 4x4 coming fast... we scamper as quickly and carefully as we can onto the side of the road amongst the snow covered but thorny briars, our feet sink in the rustling grass while the heavy wheels of the passing gas guzzler crunches and pops the snow and ice beneath itself and we wait till its past us and then its gone... and the road is all ours again, dangerous and slippery, but ours... and the frozen landscape snuggles down silently again under the white sheet of snow with the gentle lullaby of chirping birds accompanying it off to sleep

Sunday, December 19, 2010

34 Years Old + 105 Days


All I did really today was prepair, have and then clean up after Sophies birthday party.... one sentence, one long day... sucked a bit at time becuase there were people that had to turn back becasue they were not able to get to the party becuase of the snow and the ice...

Mart and Marielle got here though and deserve special mention for it, they walked!!!!!!

Sophie loved her day all the same. Got loads of gifts actually. We were really happy that the amount of people that did show up did, becasue the weather was really bad. Remember back on this when you are reading it in the future, the weather sucks! Cars skid, your can't go anywhere, you slip and fall.... on the other hand, if you can stay at home, then it is really beautiful!

34 Years Old + 104 Days


Took some photos of the snowy pier at Sruthan today but was bearly back in time to let linda go to the mother and toddler.

Finished my last day of "work" in Spideal and was actually kinda happy with it was over, so I went out and took some pictures of the snow around the Ceardlann. Some of the pics turned out nice. I learnt to that Windows does not like CR2 photos, that is the format of pictures that are taken in RAW... So to get a regular photo from RAW to show up easily on your screen you have to convert it to jpeg.

When I came home we had dinner and then cleaned cleaned cleaned, well Linda did most of the actual work in all honesty..

Thursday, December 16, 2010

34 Years Old + 103 Days


You know if I was driving in a car and we had to be somewhere by a certain time, and I would say to my passenger "am I going fast enough?" to get there on time. Now think about that. Going fast enough is an expression but it is built around and idea too. As in too fast you could have a serious crash or get caught by the police but too slow and you'll be one of those useless drivers that keep up a huge string of people because you are horribly inconsiderate. So there is a measure of correct driving.

Well that got me thinking, you know the way that people say that a job is "good enough" what does it mean? Because on one end of the scale there is the good enough that means you have not done enough to meet the criterion I expect for this job. Like if I said that the cake meant to be in the oven for 45 minutes, it would be good enough to take it after 44 minutes all the same, or even 46 minutes, but not 30 minutes and not half an hour. So there is a good enough.

So where am I going with this. With lots of things in my life they are good enough. But it is worth noting that we are not happy enough with "good enough" with many things, they do in fact have to be a very particular measure of the correct amount of good or bad. So with me, am I happy enough? Am I healthy enough. Do I give my kids "enough" attention? I would get pretty ticked off if my pizza was not done enough or if was too done so I would keep a keen eye on it. I find it funny that with the real things in life I do not measure how they are doing.

Its just interesting, isn't it....

34 Years Old + 102 Days


Today I was at "work" again. There are various reasons I do not want to say that work is. But we had a few "customers" which was good.

Linda went to her Mother And Toddler christmas party and while that was on myself, Wallace, Dee, Mart, Marielle and PJ had a game of Settlers that Marielle won. Unsmileyface.

It was funny today actually, I have an old van that I need to get rid of, sell off, so I went onto and I put the add up there to sell it for a few hundred euro and I think about 7 or 8 moments later I got a call about the van!!!! Go DoneDeal.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

34 Years Old + 101 Days

Tuesday... Same "work" again. Really, I do not feel life writing much about today. Linda made out Sophies birthday invitations.

34 Years Old + 100 Days

Monday 13th of December

This is my 100th day blog. I am 34 years old and 100 days today. Interesting, but apart from the fact that it is a century, there is nothing really to say about the fact that it is 100 days apart from the fact that I am happy I have kept it going for this time. While I have written in some of the days a day or two after they happened but I have come to terms with this.

Today I was "working" in Spideal. From 1pm to 6pm. When my "work" was over I legged it out top Carraroe, had a bite to eat (pasta directly from the sauspan) and then myself and Sophie headed out to karate. She was good I think as usual, all things considered - her mind wanders. After the karate myself and Linda went to dinner at a friends place. It was lovely.

34 Years Old + 99 Days


My Sunday was cool as usual. It is nearly offically te day that we all, well my little family of Linda and 2 kids, meet up down at mom and dads. But before we got there we called over to Ros a mhil to what would you call it, a market? but it was cool and there was a santy and but we did not go there, instead we spent a great deal of time by the raffle wheel where we quickly realised that the number 47 came up all the time. We won loads, it was a cool market.

Afterwards we had dinner of course...

When we were home and had the kids asleep Mart and Marielle and Rick came over for Settlers and when it was over Marielle left and we watched the x-factor final finals and Matt McCardle won. Will we ever hear from him again?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

34 Years Old + 98 Days

Saturday 11th

Today I sent PJ back (well asked him if he would do it and he said yes) to Spideal to be Santy so I would not have to do it, but then I got asked again to do Santy in Carraroe so that was my day until around 4pm. Afterwards we all ended up in Malis house and had food there. By the time that was over PJ needed a lift back from Spideal so I gave him the lift back to Carraroe, picking up grocerys and a Won Ton Special in the Chinese in Spideal. Won Ton is so nice, thats the big fat noodles mmmm mmmm.

By the time I was home with that and the kids were fed with said food it was bed time, and no sooner were they in bed than Mart and Rick came over for the xfactor final. Cher was kicked out, I really thought she was going to win it. Of course maybe I thought this because I was literally brainwashed by Michelle in the cafe replay infinately Turn Your Swag On 

34 Years Old + 97 Days

Friday 10th

Well today was PJs birthday, so in an unoffical kinda way we got PJ over with Rick and Mart and with Linda we all played poker and nads. In between we had a cool game of settlers. Thing is that with the Settlers game I was setting up the board, so I left out the 2, 12, and 3 numbers so people progressed up really quickly and everyone who had any kinda luck excelled really quickly. Now, Linda won, but I am not saying that it is because purely of luck, she won because she kicked ass.

Of course all that happened between 9pm and 4am at night. For the rest of the day, Sophie went to school, and there was a mother and toddler and while that was happening I was cleaning the sitting room. I realised an interesting while I was cleaning it. It being the sitting room I turned on the tv and put on, of course, Discovery Channel my favorite channel and looked at a program about
It was really cool. Not just the program about Spetsnaz but the whole concept about being able to do a boring job but it being boring enough to be able to watch some cool programming on the way, makes it brilliant.

Oh yeah, heard a very special secret today.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

34 Years Old + 96 Days

My day stood out today amoungst other days. What we were saying to each other today was that nothing bad happened! Well there was some bad news from Vodafone but it could have been worse. After Sophie went to school we got ready and as soon as she was home we had tea and went into Galway. There we got a christmas tree, got some toys for Sophie and Lucy and had pizza to finish off the day because the girls were so good.

When I arrived home the Canon 550D was waiting for me!!!!! Yeeaaaa. It is beautiful, but I did not even turn it on because I wanted to read the manual.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

34 Years Old + 95 Days


Man, I have just spent ages figuring out why javascript and PHP will not work all that well together. Then I got a handy little redirect javascript code that redirects a page for you. This is good because in my little browser game that I am doing, I was having a OK/Cancel button box and if you pressed cancel it meant that you did not want to log out of the game and you want to go back to the member screen, so I automatically redirect you now to the screen. I do it in 1/1000th of a second, oh yeah....

All day my muscles have felt like... crrrreeeeekkkkk. The door of our Ford Transit Van is bearly closing it is so tight becasue it simply needs 3-in-1 oil..... so I put some oil on. Wish I could pour some into my shoulders.

Spent most of the day working with Dad and Mart doing odd jobs around the place... everywhere is still frosty and really cold. But its nice.

34 Years Old + 94 Days

Lan Age Of Empires 2
What was the highlight of my day? It might well be that I had my first one-on-one LAN game with Sophie. I hope the first of millions. We played Age Of Empires II - The Conqurors. She kept on calling it Age Of Vampires.... which is phonetically correct in an incorrect kinda way.... She won, she knocked out my one war unit that I build on purpose. Shes a natural!

Linda went into town and did some food and christmas shopping and chilling the beans. Well very little relaxing from what I gather.

She did the exercise class too and found it harder than other classes she was saying. When she came back from the class we had a game of settlers - Linda, PJ, Seth and I. Seth won.... un-smiley face. But it was a brilliant game. Pity Mart and Marielle were not there.

34 Years Old + 93 Days

Monday the 6th December.

Bit of a non starter today, ever have those days where you are waiting for the day to kinda begin, where it is like, I am going to start work now, or start anything now, then it just gets late, then really, it is too late to do anything. Yeah, well that was today for me. I looked into applying for jobs but it was like, not very easy, I am kinda convinced that I could get some job, but to get a job that I like and that I deserve, that is different.

I really think I use comma's too much,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

So today I did my second karate class with Sophie, we were both on time for the class I lined up, and started it was as easy as that. I really realised how fat I am however when I was trying to do press-ups and I could feel my weight crippling my arms, I am just too heavy to be comfortable in my own skin... really. Sophie was at the class to though as I said and that was cool. She likes me being there yet... bless.

Linda offically handed over the Irish Language Conversation Group today at it's meeting. Another one of the people that come to it regularly is going to take it over. Go Wallace.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

34 Years Old + 92 Days


The day of rest, as I have reiterated before this, Sunday is now no longer the mecca of days of days anymore, but it is still an absolutely fantastic day. Today we left Castlebar and made our way down to Carraroe, carefully, the roads were kinda slippy, but I felt nothing of it, partially because of the roads, and you know what, partially becuase I am a good driver and I drove carefully.

I was this weekend totally impressed with the girls, they are really fantastic. I am seeing them growing up to into properly little well behaved women. I am able to ask Lucy now to do stuff for me and she has enough grasp of Irish and English that she will go and do it. I love them so much.

Why block the site unless it
 has something to hide

Ever hear of the website "Wikileaks"? It is about as politically loaded as they come. They hold stories about everything but particulairily from American soldiers who fought in the Afgan and Iraq war of late. I went to visit the site but when I tried in nothing happened. I googled why nothing happened and I found out that I had to do some alterations to my host file (I did not know off hand what that was), but I was given an easier solution in the form of the actual ip address of the server itself, so that worked.... the IP address is Go there and look at the site. It has become really interesting for me, you see seemingly what has happened is that it has been hit with denial of service attacks, a black hat hacker method of knocking out the domain server of a site. This was probably done by someone that does not like what is doing and saying... that is providing free information to the public. This makes me believe that wikileaks is actually a good site.

34 Years Old + 91 Days


Opps, I slept in. I mean that opps in a "this sucks" way. You see when I sleep in past a certain hour I wake up with a headache and it takes hours and hours for it to go away. I think if I had gotten up around 10am I would be ok, I think that thats around my limit. Today I woke at 11:30, too much sleep, my headache didn't go until around 4pm.

However, I did not get up till around 3pm with that said, Linda made me breakfast in bed and I did a good bit on my browser based game Alpha07. I was working on the money and banking aspect of it today, but I have a problem that you can borrow loads of money off the game but I do not know to force the user to pay it back, if you understand. Anyway, I will get there.

So when I got up I had dinner, then showered then went into town to meet Finola who was meant to be having a 40th birthday party today but had to cancel it at the last moment due to very bad weather conditions (in Irish terms that is). So instead we had the party that was meant to happen in a pub in Newport in the sitting room of the Reillys here, albeit with alot less people. But it was brillliant craic. Vincent was there, he is a black belt in Karate, I was talking to him about karate and it was cool. But alot of people sang songs and everyone had fun and Sophie was there too at the beginning of the night so that was really cool. She was full of beans and sang her Irish song that she is learning for the school play, twice.

She is not shy at all, I am so proud of her.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

34 Years Old + 90 Days


All that we really did today was go up to Castlebar. We stopped into galway on the way and I dropped off a monitor to Mark in town.

We drove all the way up to Castlebar and we were really careful about ice and snowey roads because the weather is really bad lately, however there was pretty much no ice bothering us at all anywhere until we got to the driveway of Lindas parents house up in Castlebar. Then the ice nearly killed me when I stepped out of the car.

When we were settled in and the kids were asleep after dinner and all was quiet we went to the cinema. It was dangerously icey there too because as the staff put it about the deadly conditions there too, "you'd think they'd put a rail there", at a place where an old couple was almost falling on their asses. Health and safety, much as I usually hate it, has its place when some silly people are in charge.

So anyway at the cinema I saw the latest Harry Potter film with Linda. It is strange seeing the kids in Harry Potter, they have grown up, Hermonie is now tall and good looking, Ron is all beefed up, and Harry, is well, he is the same, just grown up really. But the film is brilliant, really one for the Harry Potter fans as well, that have read the books, as there are loads of references to all the films in this one.

Friday, December 3, 2010

34 Years Old + 89 Days


Today I tried to do what should be very simple with Windows.... I tried, using the Network tab on Windows 7, to look at a folder on another Windows 7 computer. This SHOULD be very simple but it is definately not. Basically it asked for a Username and Password. Now, the method of putting in the username and password is nice and clear, and you can click a remember my credintals button and all that, and presumably once the user and pass are entered all things would be honky dorky except for the simple problem of WHAT THE HELL IS THE USERNAME AND PASSWORD IN THE FIRSTPLACE! I know that Microsoft has put so much money into the design of Windows 7 that the fact that I am left wondering about this is frankly stupid.

So I looked around the internet some for this answer and in the mean time I got the old Dreamscene working on Windows 7, the reason I specify the OS here is because Dreamscene was originally written for the now generally accepted mistake that was Windows Vista. So the Dreamscene functionality is kind of in Win 7 but you have to download a .dll file. I got the Ryan and Sarah leaving video playing as my desktop and then changed it to Shrek 4. Cool.

So today was a funny day for me in that I did not leave the house at all except to drop Sophie down to school in the morning, even then it was down and up. But it was cool, good to have a day where you stay in all day, We had visits from Sheila and the kids and Kirst! You see, why go out, when the world can come to you!

34 Years Old + 88 Days

Wednesday - 1st December - First day of Advent.

There are 5 points that I try to live by to be happy. Here they are, without much explaination and in no particular order.

1 - Exercise
A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Obviously this is just a figure of speech, but what I mean is you could possibly meet the other points to be happy but what is the good if your suckin down hamburgers and you can't reach down to your shoelaces. In todays society there is a generally accepted fitness level, and you know what it is.

2 - Friends
Funny as it sound for me to be saying this, I am sure of my other 4 points but I am not sure of this one, as in, is it that important to have friends? I believe it is, and I do not mean in a Facebook way of having 1000 friends, I mean in a way of having someone you can turn to and cry in front of or ask advise on literally anything. A friend is very same though as my relationship point, that is why I am wondering if I am forgetting an actual other really important point. Either way, if you do not have a "real friend" make it your lifes ambition to find one. A soul alone is just that.... A soul.... Alone....

3 - Job
The self worth that comes from having a job is often more important than the job itself. Like, very often. If for no other reason of course that you need a job to feed yourself and live.

4 - Relationship
This involves having sex too. So I do not mean that you have to have sex, and I do not mean that if you want to have sex that it is with an old friend, I am saying that humans are animals, animals eat, shit, screw.... A happy person will have the option of having sex if they want, that is what I am saying. Most people I know, and I am serious about this, most people I know would prefer to have the choice of being able to sleep with someone when they are going to bed at night. I do not mean sleep with someone and having sex with them, I mean, feel their presence beside them in the bed and cuddle up with them if they so choose. Having a partner, an other half, the Jerry McGuire style "you complete me" other part of you.

5 - Hobby
I see that with many older people in Carraroe and I guess everywhere, that they totally do not understand the importance of a hobby. As in, something that is yours. You might need money for it, you might not. It shouldn't really be about the money I believe, although your hobby might be going for drives in rented Verons. My hobby is making computer games. I have never made a good one, but when I am alone, when Linda and the kids are gone, and there is nothing on TV, and I have done all my chores, what do I do? My hobby, I see people like my Dad, he does not have a hobby, so what does he do when he is bored? He gets old.... Do not get old, old is not ok. Letting your mind and body grow old at the same pace is magic, is the way it is meant to be, but I know 20 year olds that have already died and float through every day life like zombies.

And so there they are, subject to change :) But if they do change it will be for the better of all man kind... yes, I am that correct in what I write! :)

The Reality Of The News

There have been a few times where I have clicked on a news article only to realise that I have been hit with a paywall. I don't mean thi...