Monday, December 27, 2010

34 Years Old + 113 Days

Nice, I have finally figured out how to do something in PHP that I have wanted to do for ages, I can seperate one date from another and find out how many days have gone by. This is good for me because in my php game that i am making for browsers I can now implement my banking system and penalise people for now paying back their money on time. I always knew that I could figure this out but that I needed to figure out exactly how to do it! It wasn't even hard to do, it was just go with what is given to me in the php rule book, very much a case of RTFM basically, I just needed the time, and so, here I am at 3:30am but I have finally done it.

Anyway, today it rained!!!! yeah! It was so good to see the poor snow melting, personified in so many green areas and fields as snowmen, we have grown to know, love and hate the snow. And now, that which we know all too well is obliterating it, the rain. But we are much better equiped to handle the rain. If this were a relationship it would definately be a case of, "it's not you snow... it's me.... you deserve someone better, it is time to move on :( ", but really we are happy to see the back of it.

And so, John Reilly is going home tomorrow. Sophie asked me today if christmas is over, I told her that it was not... but in a way when you think about it, it is. Christmas is the lead up to the 25th of December and when you have come to a close on christmas day boom, you hit a brick wall, and there it is all over for another year... sorry, did I say year, I meant to say 10 months, if we are lucky.

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