Monday, August 20, 2018

No need for church to see clearly

I saw this headline while on Reddit:

No no no... nope. No. No we do not. No.... If I have not made it clear enough, no.

We DO NOT owe Sinead O Connor an apology. You see, this is the problem.
Hmmm... what to do, what to do?

"Oh my God! The church is a male dominated society!" Yes.

Sinead O Connor ripped up image of Pope ergo she is fighting the system! Ah nope.

So the Church is not a male dominated society then....? Nope.

Hmmm, so Sinead O Connor is not wrong then...? Nope.

This is the problem with society... well one of the problems. The solution to this issue is to realize that both Sinead O Connor and Pope is wrong. Well, thankfully in the case of Sinead O Connor, was wrong.

Solutions are hardly ever black and white. Think about it, when is the last time that an issue in society was black and white. There are questions that are black and white that are in society of course, should children be abused? Nope.

Should the church hide and protect priest, and nuns, that abuse children? Nope.

Is The Church wrong, bad? No. No it is not. This is by the way coming from an atheist, but I have known many priests that were great people, and women that were great nuns. I also met horrible ass hole priests and nuns. So it is more correct to say that the Church has problems, and YES... problems that need to be fixed.

So Sinead O Connor, does she have issues, yes. Is she all good or all bad, nope. Personally I hated her, but when you look past what bloody tabloids say about her, she was just like anyone else, both good and bad. You see, she was no better than the Church she loved to hate so much.

So the questions becomes then, was she more good than bad, or more bad than good? And the same can be asked of the Church. Was it more good, or more bad. Well I think, when you look at Sinead O Connor that she had alot of songs that people liked, she was an artist... that is good. She had an opinion and she voiced it, that is good I think, but again, note that I do not agree with her opinion, but I do like that she voiced it. Did her opinion do more good than bad or vica versa - I think it had no effect. When I think about it, it had no effect. She did not improve anything. She didn't break anything. She just came across as angry. I am not saying that she was right or wrong either, I am just saying that she voiced what I can only believe is something that she believed in.

Then there is the Church. They voice what one has to believe is something that they believe in. Personally, I do not think that the world was made in 6 days. I think that the church is wrong in virtually every aspect of their canon. The only part of the Church that I do agree with is the part about loving your neighbour, being good to the poor and a few other parts. While I find it hard to do these things all the time myself I do find it ironic that the parts of the church that I believe in are the parts of the church that for the main parts that the Church itself does not follow and that is what gives the church its bad name.

So what is the conclusion here. Sinead O Connor is irrelevant in society today. So what, she tore up a paper picture. okay, what good did she actually do? The Church is is probably more good than evil... but are the parts of the Church that are evil are so bad that the Church itself should just be abolished? Probably. But what about the hundreds of thousands of good, kind, generous and loving missionaries, priests and nuns and Catholics? Those who are right in the way people should be and that are out there day after day in the name of Jesus and for the millions of people that they help, what would then happen to all them. You, you reading this. Are you going to help? Are you going to help lepers, feed the sick, clean the poor. Or are you just going to leave it to someone else? Who else then? The government? Ha!

So the Church has problems, definitely. Sinead O Connor has problems - sorry had. But she could only live to whatever age she had, whereas the church is over 2000 years old, and while it is changing somewhat at the moment it has to be noted that it was always changing. It will always change and it does not look like it is going anywhere, anytime soon.

But should we apologize to Sinead O Connor? Well, no? Did we do something wrong? No. Does the church owe her an apology? Maybe, but that is between the Church and Sinead O Connor.

The reason I have written this HUGE reply is the following. Stop pandering to Sinead O Connor. Walk away. If you do not believe in what she is saying - walk away. Leave her alone. Let her voice be that noise in the background that once you stop looking for it, that it goes away. And you know what... the Church. Walk away. Once everyone walks away from it what will happen. The Church will disappear. Society will or will not help the poor. Society will or will not feed the hungry and cloth the needy. But you know what else - society will survive.
I believe that the church is a business. It survives on money, wealth and power. It survives on influence. It survives because like a bully in the school yard that keeps picking on the weakest in the classroom the church needs those not fortunate enough to have an informed opinion so that it can itself stay alive. And if we apologise to Sinead O Connor for tearing up a picture of the Pope, we are keeping the Church real.

Walk away. Just turn away... if you have not looked at Sinead O Connor tearing up the image, do not look at it. Walk away. Look at a video of how electricity works. How economy works. Learn. Learn how society benefits when all members of society are looked after equally and taxes and wealth are distributed evenly among all people. Walk away, and if on your path you see someone homeless, or hungry remember that you can help. You can help directly, you can donate to a charity.

Walk away from the ignorance and hatred of the past and discover yourself in a world that does not need to rely on media like tabloids, and the Church. Keeping walking until you find yourself free from the noise and all you can hear are your own thoughts, beautiful and clean and clear. 

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