Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are there good looking people?

Having always thought about this, and ALOT... I have come to a definite conclusion. There simply are really ugly people and really beautiful people. Now, alot of people will be quick to say that beauty is skin deep or that true beauty is on the inside and to that I have to say is just rhetoric nonsense.

I am listening to the Ray Darcy show on TodayFM and there is guy that wrote in with a problem, that his girlfriend was not that good looking and what should he do, because he like her, but just didn't think that she was beautiful. My issue here is not with the guy, it is with the people that wrote in says silly things like "that guy is an ass-hole" or "tell that guy to dump the girl so that I can start dating her!". Now... in all honesty, what was that second person going to do? Just start dating her because someone else thought that she was ugly!?!

The problem here is that, as usual, when you apply reason to emotion that emotion quickly begins to look like the fool. The woman that the man wanted to dump because she wasn't good looking enough, lets give her a name, Jane. Now onto the second commenter there, do they find ANYONE good looking? Lets say that the second commenter found Jane to be the best looking girl ever. Now by his rational, HE is an asshole for dating Jane as apposed to someone other girl who is not as good looking as her, Jane. Understand what I am saying?

If he finds Jane good looking, then he is also judging other girls. He is as bad as the first dude. Now also, there is the whole things that people are better looking than each other. Good looks were and evolutionary method of telling who a healthy mate was. Now days because we see ourselves as more enlightened we like to think that we have distanced ourselves from the pack animals that we once were. We have not distanced ourselves from our barbaric past selves. If a wolf could look in the mirror and see it own reflection and recognise itself in the mirror, it would still be a wolf. If I stand in the middle of a busy street and call out to people "ugly... ugly... good looking... ugly..." I am telling you that the pack animals that are gentlemen and thugs alike would show their true colors. As in, I would be either scolded or mocked myself or hit or maybe worse still people would join me.

There is beauty in every magazine, TV show, radio show, and self reflection... The dude that wrote into the Ray Darcy show to ask Quenten if he should dump his girlfriend or not because she was not that good looking makes an interesting point. HE does not find her good looking... only HE can really judge should be the answer... instead he was judged by Quenten who himself called him an ass hole! Beauty is like every other opinion, relative. Of course so is my point.... I know the contradiction, can you see the contradiction? A person forms an opinion based on how they react physically, and psychologically and as a result of their interaction with society.

I do not think that Angelina Jolie is good looking at all, many people do... I do not see it. Does that mean that if (big IF I know!!!!) I stopped dating her afterwards because I did not find her good looking although sex and pass times was good with her that other people would call me an ass hole. No they would not... because she is famous, I would be patted on the back and as me with interest what the whole thing was like.

To finish, if someone is ugly they are so in two ways... they are ugly according to society and according to your personal tastes... The things is someone usually find you attractive, for what ever reason, call it the odds. My point is, people should note that there is a evolutionarily symmetrical face that is "good looking" and then there are faces that appeal to personal tastes.

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