Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Blow Up Blocks - Level 4 completed.

I have begun a new game. I am well into it actually at this stage. Lots of nice colors and good level design. That thing I just said, that would be my dream review if someone were to ever review the game. I hope that they would say "The colors look amazing. The world is well realised. The game play is gripping and the level design is awesome!". Yes I would go to sleep that night with the thought in my head that I have made a great game. 

You see, for all my blabbing up top there, that is really what I am trying to do. I am actually trying to make a game that will be brilliant. I want you to play the game and go, "that game was worth every cent that I paid for it! I must tell one of my friends to buy it."

Whether or not you will do that is really not too much of an issue right now, right now I just want to design 30 levels of a game that you will have played in a few hours. I have completed level 4 just last night. I got my Sophie to test the game this evening and she said that she liked Level 4 alright but I do not think that she liked it as much as the other levels. The initial 3 levels are more fun, fun, fun based. Level 5 will be fun for the player as a reward for completing level 4. Anyway... I would say remember the name of the game but that might be counter intuitive as I am still coming up with the name that suits the game the best at this point.

Lets say that for now, the code name is BlowUpBlocks. The final name of the game might of course be BlowUpBlocks, we will see. I'm off to begin work on some particle explosions :)

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