Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Still learning Git, but getting there

Ahh git! It is strangely nice to get something working in computers. Git is one of them. Still slowly getting my head around it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Share and share alike...

Gordon Gekko said "The point is ladies and gentlemen that greed, for lack of a better word, is good". So all my life, well the last 20 years anyway, I have always wanted to deal in shares. Not that I wanted to become Gordon Gekko. I just know that there is money out there. Floating around. I believe that all I have to do is reach out and take it. Money is a flowing river, I just wanted to have a drink. 
Greed is good.

So I think I am going to do that now. I am by no means going to jump into the river. I don't have enough money to dive into the river.

So in that light I have got two stock exchange emails. One is Goodbody Stockbrokers and the other is Davy Stockbrokers. I am going to look into the whole thing and see if I can make money. I should be able to in theory. The problem is that there is a fee on transactions usually. So if I buy 100 shares "Company X" @ 1.50 a share then my shares will cost me:

100 * 1.50 is 150 euro. 

So lets say that the shares gains some value. It gains .04 cent so now my shares are worth 1.54 euro. 

100 * 1.54 is 154 euro. 

Great I have just made 4 euro. 

But now for the trading fees. Hmm, if the trading fees are 15 euro, then I have just lost 11 euro. Great. However, lets say I bought 1000 shares of Company X.

1000 * 1.50 is 1500 euro. 

So lets say that the shares gains some value. It gains .04 cent so now my shares are worth 1.54 euro. 

1000 * 1.54 is 1540 euro. 

Great I have just made 40 euro! So okay, lets say that I have my 15 euro fees, I have just made 25 euro. So that is the secret. If I have a trickle of water it will barely move a leaf sitting aloft its meager course. But if I have a gushing river I have move mountains with it. Money is a force. Money is alot of things. but when it comes to shares and if you want to have alot of money, you have to MOVE it. Force it. Work it. 

The Pretty Reckless

So I am starting to work more and more at the computer, and when I sit down to work properly I usually get something done.
The Pretty Reckless - Good to drown the world out to. 

But the best way to work is to block out the rest of the world, put on my Hesh 2 Skullcandy headphones and look for some music on Youtube.

I started listening to this band called The Pretty Reckless. I like them, nice to listen to. The chick on vocals is nice and screamy. That is all I look for in music sometimes.

The Reality Of The News

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