Wednesday, June 29, 2011

34 Years Old + X Days - Lost things

What day is it?

I started the year long blogging project as a test. Could I keep it going for a year... Sadly it seems that I could not. But it did not happen as I expected. A few weeks ago I did not know what was happening to me. All of a sudden I would loose a day, writing the blog, I would not fill it in for a day, but then I would catch up. Then once I realised that I had not updated it for a few days, and I said, well this is too much to do right now. I will have to do it when I have some time.

Some time... How many good intentions have been lost in the sea of "some time"?

Now it does not matter what happens, I can never go back and really fill in those days. I have some regreat, now of course I wish I did keep my little project going. I had a few regular readers and I know I have to some degree disappointed them by simply stopping. Sorry guys.

But there is really a lesson here. And I have already learnt this in a few aspects of my life. Tomorrow is really just a concept. The 4th Dimension - it is time. One will never be "in" tomorrow. I planned my blog in "tomorrow". Thats why my project failed. So now, I will see over the next few days what I will do regarding my blog. But I know one thing... it is great to be back.

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