Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Religion: Part 1

"Cogito, ergo sum" (English: "I think, therefore I am")

The first and most basic question is when you talk about god, or God, is the following: Does God exist?

Let me address that first. Yes. It is that simple. For you to believe anything other that than the fact that God does exist shows that you are in some way believing in some cartoon reality where the laws of physics are different to our current laws in this universe.

I believe that there is a creator of the universe that we live in. But there is no difference between the creator and the universe. The god I believe in IS the universe. My logic is as follows, we do exist somewhere. In some form. Now according to our logic if something is here, it came from somewhere. As the old latin saying goes "ex nihilo, nihilo est", or "out of nothing comes nothing". See this link for more on this sentence http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ex_nihilo But why do I think that the universe and god is same.

The way I reason it is to say that if god and the universe are different, then what made the god that made our universe? So then another god is "made up" to explain the first god. So then you have the situation where you realise that it is illogical to talk about a number of gods and you have to stop it somewhere. When you stop making up gods is when you accept that we were made by something but that the something is the same as the universe.

Let me explain a few of my terms at this point. By universe I mean the universe we live in, that also includes a possible multiverse and or parallel universes. If you understood what I was saying up to now then it should be pretty clear that I do not think that god is a man, or a woman for that matter. God is not loving, or unloving. Also, nothing can be said of god. Nothing. Nothing becaues the god I am talking about is outside the frame of our logical reference. As my hero philosopher Wittgenstein said "Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent"(click on the link for more information).

A few points come from this that are interesting.
  • All of us are ultimately exactly the same as everything else.
  • All of us are made up of one thing: god.
  • There is no objective "good" or "bad". How could the one thing be good and/or bad at the same time!
So this is it. Cast your eyes away from your monitor. Look around you for a moment. This is your universe. This is your world, your whole existence. There is no heaven, no hell. There is no good or bad. You can do nothing right, you can do no thing wrong. What you perceive as your "life" is currently the molecular and chemical configuration of the collective amount of atomic soup you call <insert readers name here>. There is no afterlife. You were never born nor will you die. You will simply cease to exist in your current form.

And don't worry... you will be missed.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm getting a SIX PACK!!!!!!

Lets do this post as Discovery Channell as possible. Here goes...

A body. I have one. You have one. Your body is the most amazing thing you will ever own. I think you have to agree, and if you do agree, then the question has to be asked. Why do so much of us treat our bodies so badly...

(Attempt at sounding like Discovery ends here)

I weighed myself before writing this. I weigh a little over 16 stone. That is 105kgs. Pretty "heavy" I guess. So what I am going to do? I am going to get fit and healthy. My aim is to loose so much body fat and to tone my muscles so much that I am going to develope a six pack. There are two reasons that I am going to do this, the first is that I simply always wanted to have a six pack, strange as that may sound. The second reason is that I am going to use it as physical measure of fitness. I plan to live a lot of years. Really I think that in the future as medicine progresses that we will live longer. Thing is, if you never care for your health you will live to be 70 years old. You will know that you are going to live for another 40 years and your already assigned to a wheel chair.

Now is the time to act on the future. Knowing that the way I treat myself today will have a knock on effect for the next 80 to 120 years I am simply getting in shape. There is one other thing, I think that men should be alot more vain. You see girls, women, and they make so much effort in looking good, exercising, putting on make up and all the rest. Well then least I can do is get healthy. So I plan on getting fitness magazines, muscle magazines and cutting down on crap food and simply exercise more.

So when is the deadline, hmm, sometime around next March. Yep, that is along time away. But that is a reasonable time. Diets aren't successful in a week, or a month. I will keep you posted along the way, weather you like it or not.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vista: How do i hate thee, let me count the ways...

If anyone knows me at all, they know how much I love Bill Gates and Microsoft. And I have been around computers long enough to know how Microsoft, for example, make it easy for the common man or woman to use their computer... no more setting up sound cards, no more choosing your graphics card, devices have become plug and play and people who normally couldn't even turn on a PC before this are now surfing the net and buying crap of ebay.

So what happened with Vista? Seriously what the hell happened? I have vista on my main PC at home and it really is crap... now i hate usually when people say "vista is crap" because they might have heard some retard reporter in the Sun say so, but in this case they would be correct. Here is a small list of things that Vista makes worse....
  • Connecting to the internet
  • Run games slower... run the same game on the same machine with the same hardware but have vista on one and XP on the other and vista is around 10 or 20 frames per second slower...
  • i tried to hook up a sony camcorder to vista, didn't work, but it worked no problem on xp, and just for the record, i had ran the vista patch...
  • map maker for Call Of Duty 4 will not work on Vista...
  • basically when you do ANYTHING at all technical AT ALL on vista, it asks you if you are sure that you want to carry on.... and they, Microsoft, call that better security. you can just click yes that you are sure you do want to carry on and the program keeps on loading in... HOW IS THAT SECURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • my god, i nearly forgot.... THE SEARCH.... the search... my god the search....... how the hell can i find what i am looking for? it is impossible to find anything using the search window. why did they break it...
  • Also, the start button.... personally i find it alot worse that the previous one on XP

Now before one of you say "but the game or the programs and drivers have to be written for vista specifically", which would be a good point, i have to say, crap, if a program runs on XP it should run on Vista at least. that is the least i expect from software of one of the worlds biggest software company with their flagship product. anything else is lazy crap programming.

The whole thing here is, why? why did they have a totally excellent working operating system, ie - XP, and f*&k the whole thing up? You know of course what is going to happen, maybe not this year, but probably the next, google will release an operating system, or the next google on the horizion will.

Why? Microsoft you are throwing it all away...

Who here knows what an IBM 360 Mainframe is?

When i ask my little girl what Microsoft is when she is older, will she know?

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