Sunday, January 25, 2015

The morning after git.

It was something like 4am when I went to bed last night and then I had to get up this morning and take my daughter to mass. I ended up getting around 5 hours sleep. I am not complaining at all however. It was cool working out how git worked.

So this morning I sat down to my computer and looked over what I had done last night (becuase you know the way it is, last night it seemed brilliant but in the cold light of day and what have you). It turns out that I had not done everything correctly. One of the repositories were working perfect but the repository for my Oscars 2015 website was not.

It turned out that when I was setting up the repository that I navigated to C:/wamp/www/oscars and then told git to start there and I named the repository OscarWebsite. I was meant to have navigated to c:/wamp/www and then named the repository oscars and then git would realize that the directory was already there and would add its gitignore and gitattributes files there.

So I did that and boom, the whole thing works. I needed git to simply accept that the folder already existed because I use the c:/wamp/www folder setup for wamp.  Wamp creates a web server on your computer and you can use it to test code as you go.

It is all brilliant, and of course...

all free!

Git Hub

So I created a git account today.

No, I created a git account long time ago, years ago to be precise. However it is today that I have actually used git in any meaningful way at all which makes me personally think that it is today that I have FIRST used git.

ergo... I might as well have just set it up for the first time today.

Github - where I plan on making a lot of mistakes, safely!

I was a long day today, we were in Galway nice and early, did some shopping with the kids, looked at Tinkerbell and the legend of the Neverbeast. Then had food in Milanos. Now, wow, did we have food in Milanos. I got a calzone. My god it was goooood.

Seriously tasty. When it was finished I was thinking that I could have easily eaten another one. But when around 5 minutes was gone I was feeling satisfied.

But what does this all have to do with git. Nothing of course, just thought I would tell ya'll about that tasty pizza. So git. I am working on a little project with a friend. It is a game that we will eventually put up on the google Play store for free. But I want to be able to work on certain aspect of the game while my friend is doing his part of the game. Now we could email files together definitely but why bother. I have git.

I have a copy of the games project on my computer. I also, through git have a replica on This service is, like most of the best things on the Internet, free. So if my friend want to get a file that i have in the project all he needs to do is copy the file down from git and upload it again when he is finished. To tell the truth I do not know how he is going to upload it exactly when he is finished but I presume that it is not all a one way traffic system. I might have to give him some admin privileges or something.

I have just realised that I have run out of info on git now actually, I will keep you posted on my git knowledge as the game goes on and we delete and remove files and all other things by mistake.

Talk later.

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