Monday, November 10, 2008

Is it a boy or a girl?

So we are expecting a new baby. I was trying to figure out if I would prefer a girl or a boy. There is a rational to my wondering and it is as follows. I think a lot of people believe that, as I believe, there is a special relationship between a mother and daughter and its own special relationship between a father and son. By special I mean potentially highly explosive. Girls understand women and boys understand men. Eventually they will begin to disappoint each other and that is when the fireworks start. Of course things will calm down again as they all get older but I have seen some same sex family battles that would make a Viking warrior shiver in his furry boots.

Now, my situation is that I already have a daughter. So, while I accept that hell fire will surely rain on me from above from some time in our development, I am just as sure that we shall both apologize shortly afterwards and it will soon be water under the bridge. But what if I have a boy... then I know that our rumbling volcano of a relationship could go off any time. And it is a whole other type of warfare. Man versus man.

I know it’s kind of cruel, but if we have a second girl I know that whilst there will be pain at least it is the same kind of pain and I am perfectly ok with that. Of course with either a boy or a girl all this is still around a decade away, but sometime I like to psychologically prepare myself in advance.

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