Thursday, October 29, 2015

Feeling that I felt better.

It is nearly 5 am and I have spent literally hours working on Unity. I am revisiting an older game I made that was fully working bar some bells and whistles. Well I am revisiting the idea but building a while new game. There were alot of things that I did not like about the other game I made. The graphics sucked. Sound sucked. Movement sucked. Amount of game play sucked. But you know what did not suck? It was a working game. It worked! You could fly around the level. Collect coins. Have a timer that timed your lap. Then I speed working on it for some reason, I have no idea. Me stopping working on it, THAT sucked. Then the version of unity that I was making the game on got updated and my game got kinda busted up. So I loaded a new version of unity and I have begun a new game from the ground up.

Uhhhh. That also sucks.

Or at least at almost 5 am as I said. Now I have begun working on a new game. I can make a block move around the place which is 101 really. I got Wyck with loads of things I feel I should know at this point. Uhhhh.

Everything might seem better tomorrow. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

So my wife is like...

Something that bothers my wife is when I keep on interrupting her say "Hey Linda look at this! Look at this... hey Linda look at this..."

Wait I have made this too personal...

I have this friend, he has a wife and when he is trying to tell her something that he thinks is interesting he is like "hey linda... Martha, I have set up Google Adsense."

And she is like "aahahahahahahhahaha I am a dragon...."

And I am like... "ohh I will be your Khaleesi". Then we smile and everything is okay. Oh wait, I mean that I am sure this friends wife looks at him and that everything is okay.

(but she corrects all my spelling first)

And she is like "hahahahahahahha I am a dragon!" and on we they go...

Friday, October 23, 2015

Next doors dog...

It's pouring rain. It's cold and damp and miserable. It is nearing the end of October and the sky is already beginning to darken and it is only half five. An outdoor event, a Zombie walk, that I was meant to go to tonight has been cancelled because of the oncoming horrible windy wet weather that is promised tonight. I am sitting in my car staring at a poor dog that is sitting patiently in the muddy filthy field next door that boarders the fence of my driveway. The poor thing, he or she is waiting for me to come out of the car. In her mind I guess she is thinking I might feed her this time. Or I might talk to her this time. Or I might, and I am sure that this would be the best thing of all, I might play with her. Interact with her and treat her like a living being. Of course I never do any of these. I never interact with the poor what so ever. It is only a dog. An animal that is chained up outside a house, lonely, wet and probably pretty cold. It is bitterly cold this evening so I run into my house and glance at the poor canine one last time for the evening. She is standing up expectantly in the field, gleefully gazing at me, her tail wagging.

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