Thursday, October 29, 2015

Feeling that I felt better.

It is nearly 5 am and I have spent literally hours working on Unity. I am revisiting an older game I made that was fully working bar some bells and whistles. Well I am revisiting the idea but building a while new game. There were alot of things that I did not like about the other game I made. The graphics sucked. Sound sucked. Movement sucked. Amount of game play sucked. But you know what did not suck? It was a working game. It worked! You could fly around the level. Collect coins. Have a timer that timed your lap. Then I speed working on it for some reason, I have no idea. Me stopping working on it, THAT sucked. Then the version of unity that I was making the game on got updated and my game got kinda busted up. So I loaded a new version of unity and I have begun a new game from the ground up.

Uhhhh. That also sucks.

Or at least at almost 5 am as I said. Now I have begun working on a new game. I can make a block move around the place which is 101 really. I got Wyck with loads of things I feel I should know at this point. Uhhhh.

Everything might seem better tomorrow. 

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