Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Living In Oblivion

My favorite PC computer game is definitely the Half Life series. I have played all of the half life games, well all of the official ones. There might be some mods that some HL fans think are a part of the game, but I am satisfied I played all the game so far... btw, word around the camp fire is that Half Life 3 is in development!!!!! :)

But onto my point. I just finished the technically brilliant Crysis. Now, while it was good, I found myself kinda just playing it, like, as a pass time. With Half Life I was engrossed in the whole game, the story, the characters. All brilliant. Would I find that ever again?

Enter Oblivion. I think that I have just played something like 0.5% of the game or something so far, but how brilliant. To me a very good game is when I am doing something, anything, in the day and I find myself thinking of the game I am playing. To me if the game you are not playing is not like that, then leave the game, there are plenty games out there that will do that to you. But Oblivion is definitely like that. I wish I could take a week off and ONLY play it. At least with Half life you could play a little chunk and you would feel like you did something. But with Oblivion, I feel like I have to play a few hours in a row to get proper satisfaction.

Now, I have to get to work, so I can finish, so I can come back here again and play some Oblivion. To those that do not know Half Life or Oblivion I have added links below, take a look at them, they will give you a good idea of what I am talking about.

Link to Oblivion on Gamespot:

Link to Half Life 2 on Gamespot:;title;1

Monday, April 21, 2008

Schwarzenegger is Jesus

Whilst looking at "Last Action Hero" something very dramatic occurred to me.... Arnold Schwarzenegger IS the second coming of Jesus! So the next Jesus that will come along will be the Third coming, but that is a whole other issue.

Schwarzenegger is pretty much indestructible, he can be shot at, cut up and blown up. Still he lives on.
He can travel through time, as we have seen in multiple films, Terminator etc. He loves children and all man kind as we have seen in Kindergarden Cop. Also we know that he is here to save man kind. That is pretty much what he does every film.
He also had pretty much the catch phraze that the first Jesus had too, "I'll be back...."

Monday, April 14, 2008

Superman and Spiderman...

I am looking at Spiderman on channel 120, UKTV Gold, on crap NTL. Hear that NTL, if I had enough money I would buy the company and sack every last member of staff and give them all a no thank you letter with the words "The Nazis thought they were correct too!" written on it.

Anyway, back to Spiderman and Superman. Anyone ever wonder why they were both working for newspapers?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bill Gates no longer the richest man!

Bill Gates, as the title would suggest, is no longer the worlds richest man... this to me is really sad. Why? I don't know really, you think it wouldn't really make a difference to me how rich anyone is. Thing is about Bill Gates is that I heard about him around about the same time as I starting taking a real interest in computers to the two have a kinda pavlovian response thing going on. Hearing his name and thinking about his money makes me happy.
So Who is the riches man now at the moment then, Warren Buffett is the richest man on the planet. Who is Warren Buffett? Check out his wiki page here,

He has written a few books, but I read one that he wrote in a day and a half. That to me is really quick, it was called "The Road Ahead". I loved it and I would advise people still to read it.
He is still worth something like 25 billion dollars, he owns more than that so that is a conservative figure.
With about 7 billion people on the planet. It means that Bill could give $3.86 to every person on the entire planet and still have some change left over!
If Bill wanted to spend all his time playing Pac-Man, assuming each 25¢ game lasts 10 minutes (he isn't very good at it), Bill could play for 1,936,514.02 Years
If Bill Gates were a country his wealth would make him the 76th richest country. Just above Sri Lanka and just below the total GDP of Bulgaria $26 bn.
The 3 facts above were taken from If you want good information on Bill Gates however, you should check out his wiki page

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Metro Sexual Confusion

I was in Dublin today with Little and we went into a shoe shop to find some nice footwear to suit her new dress. I find the whole shoe shopping thing very tiring so I did as I always do and I sat down on the conveniently placed chairs that they have around the shops to sit down on while you try on shoes. While staring vacantly around the shoes I realised these Addidas shoes that looked kind of cool. They were the brand with three stripes as always but were multicoloured and had loads of different patterns on them.
Thing is, at the back of the shop were ‘Men’s Shoes’. So if I, a man, wanted shoes in this predominantly female footwear orientated shoe shop I would simply walk on down to the back of the shop and get some shoes from this section. Then I noticed this guy stopping to look at these colourful Addidas runners, and I was like, aren’t they women’s shoes? The men's are down the back of the shop only, these shoes are in the middle? Then another guy paused while walking past the shoes and I realised, yeah, I guess they could be worn by the correct kind of funky dressed guy. But these shoes were definitely beside women’s. Who were they for? They guy looked at them for a moment, and then kept on walking.
So what was this? Metro sexual confusion? Do men no longer know what is ok for them to dress in. even worse, do men know themselves what they themselves want to dress up in. Personally, I am past all that. To be honest I was never really in that. I always wore pretty normal, boring I guess, clothing. I know what I like to wear, I wear it and give very little thought to my wardrobe. But I pity the man who gets up in the morning, looks at what he is wearing, thinks about who he is going to meet later on in the evening and dresses accordingly for the rest of the day.
There is nothing wrong with this of course, it is just that it is another layer of confusion and stress added on to day to day running of yourself. I know that I can’t wear pink shirts, I can’t do much with what little hair I have left. I know this because I give this much though during Desperate Housewives ad breaks and drinking my lattes and sparkling bottled water imported from Italy. I have to admit though that I get worried when I hear myself talking in my mind and I remind myself of Carrie from Sex And The City writing on her laptop. Maybe I am more metro sexual that I first cared to admit. Now, I wonder if those shoes come in a size 11?

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