Wednesday, December 8, 2010

34 Years Old + 94 Days

Lan Age Of Empires 2
What was the highlight of my day? It might well be that I had my first one-on-one LAN game with Sophie. I hope the first of millions. We played Age Of Empires II - The Conqurors. She kept on calling it Age Of Vampires.... which is phonetically correct in an incorrect kinda way.... She won, she knocked out my one war unit that I build on purpose. Shes a natural!

Linda went into town and did some food and christmas shopping and chilling the beans. Well very little relaxing from what I gather.

She did the exercise class too and found it harder than other classes she was saying. When she came back from the class we had a game of settlers - Linda, PJ, Seth and I. Seth won.... un-smiley face. But it was a brilliant game. Pity Mart and Marielle were not there.

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