Sunday, December 5, 2010

34 Years Old + 91 Days


Opps, I slept in. I mean that opps in a "this sucks" way. You see when I sleep in past a certain hour I wake up with a headache and it takes hours and hours for it to go away. I think if I had gotten up around 10am I would be ok, I think that thats around my limit. Today I woke at 11:30, too much sleep, my headache didn't go until around 4pm.

However, I did not get up till around 3pm with that said, Linda made me breakfast in bed and I did a good bit on my browser based game Alpha07. I was working on the money and banking aspect of it today, but I have a problem that you can borrow loads of money off the game but I do not know to force the user to pay it back, if you understand. Anyway, I will get there.

So when I got up I had dinner, then showered then went into town to meet Finola who was meant to be having a 40th birthday party today but had to cancel it at the last moment due to very bad weather conditions (in Irish terms that is). So instead we had the party that was meant to happen in a pub in Newport in the sitting room of the Reillys here, albeit with alot less people. But it was brillliant craic. Vincent was there, he is a black belt in Karate, I was talking to him about karate and it was cool. But alot of people sang songs and everyone had fun and Sophie was there too at the beginning of the night so that was really cool. She was full of beans and sang her Irish song that she is learning for the school play, twice.

She is not shy at all, I am so proud of her.

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