Sunday, May 15, 2011

34 Years Old + 250 Days


It was First Communion day in Carraroe today. My nephew was there, Carribre - he was brilliant. He did some reading in the beginning of the mass. There was some food in the hall of the school afterwards, which was nice becasue it kinda takes the need for people to have to go out for big dinners out of the equation. I think alot of people just went home and had a nice meal with the family there. We went down to Malis and had a lovely day there.

Later on in the night I went down to Mart and played some xbox with 2 friends and Mart. That was cool cause we played Halo Reach and we only just this night played the Race mode on it, I have to say that the race mode is fantasic. We had even raced some of the same race maps before when we were playing slayer, the kid of free for all mode.

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