Saturday, May 14, 2011

34 Years Old + 245 Days


I have karate lessons in the hall in Carraroe every Monday and every Wednesday until the end of the season before summer students take over Carraroe. Normally it is just Monday, but we were getting a few extra classes in before it ends. But the funny thing is, I am going on a pre marrage course in three weekends time. Now I was mean to have done it by now but we had karate grading at the same time! So the pre marrage took the back seat. Now, we have karate grading again a week saturday. When the instructor told me I was thinking "oh crap... I can't possibly put off the karate again.... I am going to miss grading :( ". Of course then I realised that the karate grading was on the weekend BEFORE. Linda isn't at all anrgy, but I think she woudl have deserved to give me a black belt quality beating if I renaged on my marrage course again. Luckily she not that, just for the record.

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