Sunday, May 15, 2011

34 Years Old + 251 Days


We were at a dedication today. What is a dedication you ask. Well the parents of the child, baby, that was being dedicated have their beliefs, like all of us. They are not however "stamping" one religion on the child. When the kid grows old he can then choose the path that he wishes to walk himself. What the parents will do is enable him best they can to find the true path.

I like it, it is probably one of the most civilized approches to religion I have ever heard of, and today, have seen in person.

Large on the interest radar today was the news that Builin Blasta has opened up today. This was of course previously that I used to own. It was strange to tell the truth. I set up the business, it failed. Now someone else is taking over. Thats kinda what it feels like. But I wish him well, I am really happy Bobby is in there and I am delighted to have a cafe in Carraroe again for the people to go to.


  1. Wow, a new cafe. I can see how that would feel strange. It's strange for me to try to picture from this side of the ocean. Is there a Builin Blasta somewhere else? The name sounds familiar to me.

    The dedication sounds neat. I've been pondering about whether to do something like that or not with my own son. So many things I've never thought about before.

  2. Well, I am playing major catch-up with Donals blog again, it seems I go ages without reading blogs, then spend a short burst reading loads of them! So to comment on your comment Ryan, you are probably thinking of another place called 'Bia Blasta' (which I think is in Spiddal somewhere). Anyway, the dedication was class, really great ceremony ... in fact i think we might've been in Bia Blasta for it.


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