Friday, October 22, 2010

34 Years Old + 47 Days


So I am 47 days into my "blog every day of my 34th year" experiment. 47 is of course a significant number because it is the Star Trek number. In ST:The Next Generation if they needed a number they would usually use the number 47. For example how many people died on Scorpion 8 - 47! How far away from Earth are we... 4.7 light years... etc etc. So what are my musings about the blog at this stage. It is difficult to keep it good and relevant. For example I know I could make it brilliant by telling litterally everything that I am feeling and everything that is happening to my family and all that. But I don't think I want to involve my family too much in the blog because of privacy etc. But then that is an instant barrier to how I think and what I want to write. I'll see, I will be taking the blog a new direction in a few weeks anyway when I finally recieve my new digital camera that I am going to get. When that arrives I will have more beautful pics...

So thats it for now, I'll go, I am still working on my little online browser based game. I have to work in alot more dynamics to make it exciting and to make people want to play it. At the moment the only people that would play it, in as much as it can be played, are people that I would actually ask directly, but then there is nothing in the game that would make you go, wow this is brilliant I am going to ask my friends to play this so i can share the fun.

Not yet that is, I am working on it. Oh yeah, and I was thinking more about really setting up a computer club. I think that I will be going ahead with that. I will have to confirm, I have the PC's, the skill, and soon the time, however, ironically, not (soon anyway) the space!

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