Friday, October 8, 2010

34 Years Old + 33 Days

Toilet... the unspoken hero in the home.
Were you ever really sick and felt you had to throw up and so you made your way to the bathroom. I have... and I was feeling bad, really bad. All my body was weak and I felt as if I have no energy at all. Then I felt the vomit coming... so I collapsed onto my knees and leaned over the toilet bowl.

And there it was. More comforting that the embrace of a loved one. The cold and strangely reassuring feeling of the porcaline bowl in all its unhygenicness pressing agains't my face....

I woke up with my head dangling into the bowl a while later. Looked at the toilet... patted it and said thanks. How many special moments have we had together?


  1. It really is the unspoken hero. One of those things we all take for granted.

  2. Donal, I know you don't drink and all, but that totally sounds like a bad hangover story!!!


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