Monday, February 28, 2011

34 Years Old + 176 Days


My rest day. I was cranky as a silver back gorilla that had just been waxed.

I really should have gotten more sleep. More than the 4 and a half hours that I did get. I could have slept in more possibly but I have this thing, I might have said it before, that if I sleep in too much past 9:30am I risk getting an over sleep headache. Sometimes, if Linda and the kids are not around I could sleep in till 11am.

heh heh... just imagine a totally bald gorilla...

I am trying to get a new website address for myself, I am trying to think of a cool new name, by cool I mean a name that suits me, suits what I like and who I am. I do not mean cool like "". I think of some names, then go to and try out the name and I realise that it is taken. Douh.

In sadder news, Trevor is officially out of the running for the campaign. Who is voted in? Well, like a woman who invites in her drunken wife beating husband so he can kick the shit out of her for a few more years, the good people of Carraroe and Galway have voted in O Cuiv of Fianna Fail. Nice one people....



  1. lol... nice image...

    the choice of a name for the website is a hard one... be careful because once you get it and get readers you will be stuck with the name!

  2. Ahh, shame for Trevor and Carraroe. But the gorilla bit was funny :). Hmm, a name. I bet you'll come up with something cool.


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