Wednesday, February 2, 2011

34 Years Old + 149 Days


It was cool going back to Karate class again. I wore my white suit. One of the kids laughed at me because I was only wearing my white belt and he informed me that he had an orange suit. Note to self, get orange belt asap. But that was it really for the day, Linda was working alot and I was taking care of Lucy. Sophie had a good day, I think, it is really hard to get any actual real answer from her about anything... well, that is not true. But she definately is going through a time of quickly coming up with - I will not say a lie - but definately an "alternative truth" about alot of situations. But it is all part of growing up, as kids you only really learn that lying is bad when you actually lie, get busted for it, and have to face the concequenses of it.


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