Saturday, November 6, 2010

34 Years Old + 63 Days

Saturday 11th November...

In Ireland November is often called Movember, because it is the month that it is socially acceptable for men to grow beards and mustashes and be all hairy and raise money for charity.

I have not done that. What I have done however is close up the cafe for the last time today. The last time. It felt good. All my emotions and feelings are geared up to it and when it closed it felt right. I had tea in the house with some of the cafe staff (Nadia etc) and it was nice. It was like if nothing else I have made so many nice friends from the cafe. I was happy.

After the cafe was closed and after our friends left we went to another friends house for dinner. The kids played with their kids and all was good. Andrea makes lovely food and its not everyday kinda food. It was pasta and broccolli.

After all that we went up Mart and Marielles and looked at a film. Loads happened today. It will be a date that I will forget easily but events that will be remembered forever.

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