Wednesday, November 3, 2010

34 Years Old + 60 Days

Wednesday.... 3rd November 2010...

We were in Galway again, this time talking to the bank. The bank was talking to us as well about winding up our business so we had to talk to them for a while, again, it wasn't too bad. There is always a fear that the bank, or the tax, or someone is going to explode up in our face and try to kill us, so to speak. But it all seems to be ok. It is said that when you simply face the problems head on they turn out to not be so bad at all.

Met up with Mark a friend in Supermacs. Yum, we got a huge pizza, some wedges and chicken dippers and a 1.5 litre coke all for €20... oh yeah. I bought a book called Hackers... it talks about all the old school hackers and how they hacked and what have you. I am lokoing forward to delving into it.

When I got home I picked up my illegal VW Caddy, I had lost the keys. They were in a pocket of my new combats! Also, got some turf today... I am now going to put down a fire...

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