Monday, December 9, 2013

94 - Grading Day - Brown Belt!

Today I got a Brown Belt in Karate. It took alot of work, alot of training. Alot of getting off my ass and practicing katas. Alot of coming home from work only to turn on my heal and go up to the hall in Carraroe for 2 hours. But I was training with a great bunch of people and at the end of every class it was all worth it. Going up a belt is the ultimate reward for all this work. They symbolize all the work you have done I think. That is what it means to me anyway.
Brown Karate Belt
So this Saturday we had a grading where we are tested on basics and katas. I passed all my tests and now I have a brown belt! There are 3 belts in the brown, so I have 2 more grades and then a pre-Dan. After the pre-Dan I have the 1st Dan which is a black belt. In other words, I am on the first of 3 browns and then I am going for Black... that should happen hopefully some time in 2016 I think, or 2017.

Pretty cool. I am really looking forward to the next few years!

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