Saturday, December 14, 2013

100 - A century of blogging!

A century of blogging! Well, in the sence that a century is a hundred. Can you believe it! A hundred days! Again this is a kind of mile stone because I am almost a third of the way there. Cool I can't wait until I have the whole year done, then I will never blog again :) Only messing.... I am doing it because I like it. My plan of it dragging me back to the computer is working. I am not getting a whole lot done but I am getting more time on Minecraft!

Also, I have 29,003 views. Twenty nine thousand and three views. Wow, cool. My busiest month ever what December 2011 with 2096 view followed by July this year with 1951 views. Nice. I laugh at my humble little numbers when I think of any Youtuber worth their salt and how they would get 30 thousand view per video!

Amyway, must go to sleep. We watched Invictus this evening, the film about Nelson Mandela and rugby. It was good.

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