Tuesday, December 31, 2013

118 - Happy New Year

Well lets kick off this post by inviting you to look at a totally random fireworks display from the Sydney.

So new years resolution are you going to make. I love making, and trying to keep, new years resolutions. I totally believe in doing a few of them. Alot of people, and I have done it myself in the past, joke about their new new years resolution being that they are going to not have any new years resolutions. But why now try something. Choose to be a better you. Studies have shown that people who make new years resolutions are 41% more likely to still have kept the resolution going 6 months on compared to around 16%  for people who chose to make a resolution for some other time for the year.

I know that this year coming I am going to have an app on the Google Play store for a client that I have made myself (or myself and a business partner). There are a million things you could so to improve yourself, and even if it only lasted a few months, weeks, or even days, isn't it better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all!

Anyway... 2013. I had a good 2013. I finished college, I got my Brown Belt in Karate. In general all my family and friends are doing well. Ah it was a good year. I am especially that those stupid number plates will be gone, you know 131 and 132 ones on new cars, you know, the ones because people were afraid of ghosts. Yeah, every time I saw a new car I was embarrassed for the owner.

So we got our Sky television fixed today. Now we have some HD channels and they look fantastic. The only bad thing about Sky HD is that when you look at crap like Sharknado you see with extra crisp clarity exactly how bad it is.

Anyway, I hope those of you who have read this blog so far have enjoyed it. Hopefully I will be able to keep in going in 2014.

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