Sunday, December 1, 2013

86 - Late Late Toy Show...

Yeaahhhh Late Late Toy Show! The toy show could be viewed as as lame... could be. Of course it is not. It is a chance for kids to get a potential view of what toys they might finally ask for from Santy and it is a chance for mums, dads, guardians, etc to see what the hell the kids are talking about. That mysterious toy speak they have learnt from watching hours upon hours of ads on childrens television while you are busy sleeping or working or whatever it is you do in the morning. Then they dispence it on you so freely and casually you don't want to seem like "one of those parents" that is looking at their lips move while you think to yourself, "what on Earth are they going on about??".

Okay, my point is the following, Late Late Toy Show, for most people = good.

TV3 on the other hand... the toy show. I am not even going to bother capitalising its title correctly. While it was informative in the since the idea was 'here are the most sought after toys this christmas' there were a few things about it that I did not like. First the judging panel was a bunch of kids who gave every single toy bar one a score of 1000 out of 10, or mega out of 10 or something. But they are kids, easily swayed. Damn, the presenter however! He came across to me personally as the slimiest, most leading presenter ever dripping his opinion over all the kids with thing like ".... and, and that the Fuuuuuuurby. You like dha didn't ya! Didn't ya! Would ya give dha 10 oura 10 neow, would'dha? Would'dha!" to which the dazed kids would respond "yeah.... I loved it!". You see they were allowed to play with toys in exchange fir talking on TV... to a stranger, in a studio... in front of the 10 or so other crew that are staring them in the face! Of course they are going to say they love everything!

Ryan Tuberty on the other hand was funny, violent with the toys as usual (which we love) and most notibly, not leading his questions.

Hear that TV3.... yeah.... NOT leading his questions!

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