Friday, November 22, 2013

77 - Our Facebook page and website.

I did a little work on the website for the little business we have. It is nice, we added a link to Facebook that shows the profile images of the people who liked it. So far we have around 110 likes. I realized a mistake I was making with our website and Facebook . We have a website for the business and we have a Facebook page for the business. Now, I was thinking of them both as two seperate entities. A so call two pronged attack on the world. What was happening then though was that people were liking our Facebook page and separately liking out website.

So I changed that... Now if you like us on Facebook you are liking the Facebook page, but if you go to the website page you are also liking the Facebook page. So overall one thing, Facebook , is getting stronger and we will simply advertise our website on Facebook. One is feeding into the other. This is a much better way of doing it.

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