Friday, November 8, 2013

64 - Ah computer games...

Funny how computer games reflect real life. In work today where I my company is working on a card based internet game we were talking about implementing achievement into the system. "Why have achievements?" one person asked. Because in real life people want to feel like they have achieved something. So in this thing in work, once you complete a certain amount of things, you will get an achievement. What does it do for you, nothing. Just like when you achieve something in real life, what does it actually get you, nothing, not really, except usually for the value you have given yourself to the achievement.

The second computer game-y thing I was thinking of today was about Minecraft again, this time I am talking about a mod that is out for Minecraft called ComputerCraft. What is this mod about, well it is about using computers of course, the mod maker, Dan200 I think, has actually programmed in the Lua scripting language. So you can do if-else, for loops, use variables, all of the basics of computer programming. It is quite amazing really.
You can now make a computer game *inside* the computer game. 

Third computer-y thingy is Call Of Duty: Ghosts. Mart bought it for me mostly funded, or so he says, on old technical bits and bobs that were laying around the house. Sold them on ebay and got enough money to be almost able to purchase Ghosts. We played the game a bit this evening, and I have to say, I love it. It really is a cool game. There are new modes in it that make it quite enjoyable. With Mart and Wallace we stuck with 3 of us versus a growing number of bots as the maps went on and we were able to take them on more efficiently. There is one castle map on it that looks amazing!
Where were these graphics when I was young... amazing and beautiful map. Stonehaven Call Of Duty: Ghosts
So we played around the map for a while but definately you find yourself thinking. Damn, this is beautiful. Don't know what else to say really, quite fantastic. Thanks Mart.

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