Thursday, March 29, 2012

2012 - Day 86 - Tuesday

Myself and Linda went into town to get some business done. We did it, met Mart too and had a delicious meal in the Cellar bar. Well it used to be called the Cellar, is it still called the Cellar? Either way, the food was nice, if you are going by I would advise you to get the small Caesar Salad. It was delicious. And filling, although I do not know if the girl gave me extra food for free cause I was telling her how hungry I was. Then again, maybe she did give me extra food but also charged me for it, who really looks at the bill?

When we came out to Carraroe we painted a crappy wooden shelf thing we had that I had loads of junk on. Got some good quality bargain paint down at Tí Liam. When we were finished with it I was like "wow, that looks fantastic".

I finished off my day with an exhausting hour session at Cliffs Gym. Phew, I was tired afterward but I felt good.

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