Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2012 - Day 77 - Mothers Day

A survey said, and logic of course - you know with all these surveys people make and probably spend a good deal of money on, if you just think for a moment you can get the answer anyway. Like this survey I just mentioned, getting back to the point, that the number one thing that mothers wanted for Mothers Day was a sleep in. Nice and simple. Not chocolates, not flowers. No, simply and specifically nothing. Leave me the hell alone kids. Just leave me. Go... get out... close the door... "hey come back!!!! I said close the door!". All that. Yep... well the no kids part for the first part of the morning anyway. I know this. So I tried to let the mother of my kids sleep in for a while. She did and the day was off to a great start. I believe she had a good Mothers Day.

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