Tuesday, March 29, 2011

34 Years Old + 205 Days

Yeah, Monday...

... I was doing a kind of training course every Monday for the last two months and now it is finished, which is cool becasue I have my Monday mornings back.

We found out today that the water is contaminated with something and we were all told not to drink it, not to wash our hands with it, not to even use it to wash clothes or anything with it.

At karate, it was really good as usual, I would advise anyone to take it up.

We had a class game of counter strike... go here to see the CS:S page http://cupantae.ie/cstrike/
It is not finished yet but I am working on it. I found it very difficult to actually get website that contain a description of the original Counter-Strike: Source maps and a picture to go with it, so we have had to do it ourselves.

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