Saturday, March 12, 2011

34 Years Old + 188 Days


Hmmm, I am writing this in hospital. Dad is lying on a bed beside me and we are talking. He has some strange breathing problem. It is funny, times like these I realise how old we both are. I am 34... he's 65. But with that said, I have never been beside a funnier patient. He has more of a sense of humor than a normal person would that is trying to be funny.

It is funny and sad. But that is what it is like at best when you have a family member in hospital. Not trying to be dramatic or anything.. it is just one of those things. In case, being in hospital for anything breathing related is at least kinda serious. But you can't get all stressed out about it, its like, I could have been home having tea, with dad... instead I am in hospital, having tea with dad.

As it turned out at the end of the day, he was allowed to go home after a good few hours, nine I think and when he was leaving he had his doctor, his consultant, and all the nurses in stitches.


  1. Oh wow, Donal. I hope your dad is doing well. I'm glad he got to go home. He and ye are definitely in our thoughts and prayers. I thought of him the other day when we were bowling and how much fun we all had bowling in town.

  2. dude. So sorry to hear that he had to go in... but I'm glad that he was able to come home. How is he doing?


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