Tuesday, September 7, 2010

34 Years Old + 2 Days

So today I went to work as normal, there were a few people in the cafe which was good. Anyway I was finished at 6pm and i was home in time for dinner and I was able to spend time with the kids. Here is one of my kids... Also, I went into Galway with some friends and we looked at Scott Pilgram again....


  1. Two days in, and I'm hooked! Very cool!

  2. 7 months later and I am starting to read this after all the rave reviews it was getting from the press. I guess thats always the way with me, I never see or read the 'in' things initially, I only get around to it eventually after everyone else has been going on about it for ages. One of these days I must also get around to watching 'The Wire' ...


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