Sunday, September 8, 2013

5 - Sunday!

Want to see something cool... yesterday, I forgot to say, we visited Petworld ( We went there because they have mercats. They were cool! Seriously, if you are in town and have some time DO take the time out to visit it. Below are some images of meercats basically because these Suricata suricatta kick totally kick ass. 

What else, I had something else to say. Oh yeah last night we had our first game of Game Of Thrones: The Board Game. It was brilliant. The game would have been better if people naturally respected our natural true heir to the Iron Throne Wallace Jones (in-joke: you had to be there). 

Winter is coming... Game of Thrones

What I find most interesting about the board game of Game Of Thrones is that it makes you feel for your position in the game. I was at a point when I was closely aligned to the person who was winning, or at least the strongest player (Wallace) and I felt safe and secure believing that I would not be attacked by him and since he was obviously the strongest and most dangerous person the rest of the players were picking away at him and little old me was safe and secure in his shadow. I was of course planning my own game and I was going to strike at Wallace eventually but we will never know what would really have happened as the game never finished. It wound on too long and we wrapped up some time past half three in the morning after playing for around 5 hours! :)

There is a school of thought that would say that Wallace might have won. Of course we will never know... yep never know.

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