Tuesday, September 24, 2013

20 - Indian Summer and SteamOS

Hello there world. Beautiful day today. Seriously nice. They say it is an Indian Summer. We drove to the beach in Tuismean down a long winding road where I eventually came across a car that paused in front of me. So I reversed around 150 meters until I found a place where I could pull in. I didn't mind doing it at all really because some people do not feel as confident as I do reversing. I mention this because when I finally reached the point where I came across this car in the first place I realised that around 5 meters behind her was a huge place to pull in! :) But again, I did not mind, I just wonder what kind of misery some people go through when they do have to reverse and hate doing it.
TĂșismĂ©an Lake.. beautiful if not a bit eery!
Enough about all that however. Did you hear what Valve have announced. All the gaming that we have ever known was really on a console or on a PC. Like an IBM compatible to be more exact. Apple have always had games on its operating system and today Apple have more games than ever but lets face it, the huge majority of games are on the Windows PC if they are not on Console, with an honorable mention to Linux of course which has a healthy body of games (again Apples OS is really a Linux distro).
SteamOS from Valve. 

All that is definately about to change however with the announcement yesterday from Valve that they are about to release SteamOS. That is an operating system from Valve that is specifically made to play game and it is running Linux and is free to download.

Suck it down all the rest of everyone else, free to use! Free. There will be simply loads more to say on this in times to come and eventually everyone will be talking about it, but if you want to be ahead of the curve pay attention now, I believe it is going to be amazing for games.

More on this fantastical here http://www.theverge.com/2013/9/23/4762370/steam-box-os

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