Friday, September 13, 2013

10 - Counter Strike Global Offensive map I am working on.

So my test worked of writing the blog on my phone. What went wrong for me was that for you to send the stuff that you write you have to first click a button that exits where you have just been writing and then you have to publish the text using another action. Kinda obvious now, but it wasn't when I was looking at the blogger app for the first time in the car when I was writing my blog.

Anyway.. back to the title of the blog. For those of you that do not know there is a computer game available on xbox, PC, Macs, Playstation 3? Anyway a few platforms... but I am making a map that I will be playing on the PC. I do not know if my map will work cross platform, nor do I care. This is going to be a map for my mates and I will throw it up on opps, just remembered they renamed themselves

Anyway here are some images of the early map... don't worry the finished version will look better :)

Counter Strike Global Offensive - CS:GO. Outside one house

Counter Strike Global Offensive - CS:GO. Inside another house

Counter Strike Global Offensive - CS:GO. Birdeye view of a corner of the map.

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