Wednesday, September 25, 2013

21 - Second Steam announcement.

The second of three announcements were made by Valve today. It is regarding "Steam Machines". These are the boxes that SteamOS will run in your living room as they envision. They are first going to release their own Steam Machine and then other manufacturers can make their own Steam Machines. A steam machine is basically a computer that will have to meet some basic specs as determined by Valve and run SteamOS. So basically as soon as SteamOS comes out I will be scrubbing some machine I have here at home and turning my PC into a Linux Valve gaming machine.

Interestingly I read an article today where a head in nVidia said that the reason that they do not have their chipset in the xboxOne or the PS4 is because they did not want the bother. They are focusing on new technology and innovation and they said that never again will consoles be better than PCs in the way that in the 90's that consoles were better than PCs.

I noticed that myself when I got what essentially an office computer, but a good one so it had plenty of RAM, a good quick Intel Quad Core processor and I added a smashing graphics card. What did I end up with? A gaming rig that is simply faster and better at the moment than either the PS4 or the Xbox One. And they haven't even been released yet!

So yes, it is something that I realised a while ago. Do not buy a console, buy a PC, it is as simple as that. Cheaper in the long run, games are prettier even in the short run, with a much more hugely massive games library to choose from.

And the best thing to me about a PC over a Console, and it is the one thing that I will not ever forgive their decaying corpses for... a keyboard. If I am at my games console all day I eventually need to type something, I need to get up and go to my computer, turn on my computer, while I am there and I have finished typing my email that only took 2 minutes on the keyboard, I might as well play some Steam games, after all I did just get a humble bundle for 5 dollars, and for that 5 dollars I have received something like 7 games. Yeah, it will be a while before I get back to the sub par graphics of the console on the TV... I am going to play my literally hundreds of hours of virtually free entertainment here on my PC...

Whats that?

At least you can sit back and relax on the couch! Boyeee! Haven't you heard anything I have said about how good Steam is? Steam has the Big Picture which enables better gaming on a big screen TV. Of course they have had it now for a while so it is nothing new... I guess Microsoft would have been screaming off the roof tops if they came up with some innovative new concept... lets listen....

Yeah nothing, not a peep. Just the sound of a dying concept, the sound of confused marketing people back tracking every sentence they just spoke for the last few months until at last they have said nothing, the sound of confused developers whom are not allowed by Microsoft to develop but with bloated tools that the sleeping giant burped out years ago... and then the sound of silence.

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