Monday, April 25, 2011

34 Years Old + 229 Days

Hello... is anybody in there... just nod if you can hear me... is there anyone home?

We visited Paul Reilly and his wife Clair who is "with children(?!?)" in Sligo today. With my camera I did a huge decision, you see, in general I am happy with lots of my pictures that I take. But I normally take them in RAW format. When a picture is taken in RAW, 100% of the data that the camera produces in taking the image is kept. This is as opposed to JPEG, where not 100% if the data is kept. Ergo, if you want to manipulate an image, it is better to work on a RAW than a JPEG because you will have more information with work with.

Well I have switched my camera to take JPEG images, not RAW. The reason I did this is becuase it is another and slightly time consuming step to convert an image from RAW to JPEG. So, now that I have done this it is easier to "throw an image up". Why am I calling pictures images?

Anyway, this image is funny, Lucy was amazed at the "old skool" telephone box. So choosing to ignore the fact that it is probably used as a public toilet or supermans jockstrap changing room I let her go on the phone. You know whats funny, now that I am writing this, I have no idea how much a call would have even cost. Oh how technology has changed things for the much better!

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