Tuesday, April 5, 2011

34 Years Old + 212 Days


Monday, oh double edged sword. I was "doing stuff" today and that was brilliant but it meant that by the time I was out of Galway it was nearly 7pm. Karate time!

But then a phone call came, and I took it. It was about a computer that needed really to be looked at straight away. So I did, and in the process I lost my first karate class :(

*********      *********
Yeah so that sucked alot basically. If I find myself doing karate chops on poor innocent bystanders I blame the world and not myself. Then of course, there was no water.

You know this whole water thing is strange. I have seen very little finger wagging. In fact I have heard very little about the whole thing in general. I was actually thinking, could I sue someone? But who do I sue then? The County Council? Do I sue the Acadamh? No one is blaming anyone for anything. I have had to wash my kids with a bottle of water. You think thats funny acadamh, is that funny county council. Feck the lot you. When I had the cafe people wanted to rip my balls if they heard English in the building. Now no one is saying anything because of the holy grail that we find erected in Carraroe that is poisioning young kids and old people. But will anyone say anything? Oh no... thats where Irish comes from! Like a uranium rod pulsing out its radioactive culture and killing its slack jawed believers, the poision pours out of the acadamh.

Oh wait a second, did I speak about the way that the acadamh was making people sick and say it in Irish. Opps, my bad.


  1. OH............. i didn't know that it was the acadamh..............


  2. Oh man, so it was the acadamh's tank. Any idea when they'll get it fixed? It's a shame you can't all come to Texas until it's fixed. We have water here, just no lovely sea to look at.


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