Wednesday, January 26, 2011

34 Years Old + 143 Days

I found it hard to settle down and really do anything today. It is the dangerous trap that you can fall into when you are not working. It is so easy to just do nothing, but often you will say to yourself, no, i am going to achieve this and that from my day, but then when it comes to it, its like, mmmm I really need to tidy this first. I will start on my real work that I had planned after I clean the table I am sitting at or something... or at least that is the way I am sometimes.

I have a bit of a health thing going on at the moment. I have cut down dramatically eating sweets, biscuits, eating crap in general basically. If I have the urge to have something sweet I will eat one of those small little oranges, manderines (is it!?!). So I am feeling alot better health wise, if I could only get to get to sleep earlier. Nothing is preventing me from going to sleep of course, except my own self, but really, is there anything harder to fight than your inner self.

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